Earth Is Going To Get A Mini-Moon Next Month Or It Is Just Space Junk

New Delhi | Jagran Trends Table: A cosmic object moving in the direction of gravity by the Earth’s gravity could turn into a “small moon” in November 2020. The object, dubbed SO in 2020, then orbits the Earth for months. However, NASA scientists have suggested that the newly discovered object could be space debris or an old rocket on a lunar landing mission that failed 54 years ago. According to their observation, the rocket is now returning home, so it appears close to Earth’s orbit and may be stuck there for months due to gravity.

“I was very surprised by this,” Paul Chodas told the Associated Press. “It’s my interest to find one of these and draw a link like that, and I’ve been doing it for decades now.”

Chodas revealed that researchers in Hawaii found the mysterious object through a telescope as it orbited the Earth. According to scientists, the smallest star in 2020 was actually the Centaur rocket, which was dropped in 1966 when it landed on NASA’s second landing.

“Last month, a telescope in Hawaii discovered a mysterious object that was heading towards our path during a search to protect our planet from the doomsday. The object was immediately added to the constellation of small planets and comets found in the Solar System of the International Astronomical Union Small Planet Center. “It’s only 5,000 shy of the 1 million mark.”

Scientists are now working to find out the identity of the planet’s smallest planet. Scientists say the object is a circular object around the sun, which is relatively abnormal for a small planetary star. Also, this small planetary speed is approaching 2,400 km / h.

The Associated Press quoted Paul Chodas as saying: “I may have been wrong in this regard. I don’t want to look too confident. But I think this is the first time that these works have been combined with a truly recognizable release. ”

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