How to Extend Trial Periods on Software [3 Methods] in 2023

    extend the trial period of software: Software’s are the most crucial component for every computer. Without any software , PC is nothing but ineffective.

    Usually two different restrictions for software are in place and one of them is forever free and the other one is not free. You must be required to purchase a license keys.

    In this guide, we will only talk about chip codes for the second kind of software. Software like IDM (Internet Download Manager), Antivirus are very popular, but are essential to every day use.

    However , the software comes with a trial version free of either 30 or 14 days. after 30 days , you’ll receive a sour notice tha

    Extend Trial Periods on Software

    t you have to terminate your the license to prolonging your trial time. Many have inquired why the software gives a 30-day trial period for free.

    It’s a marketing strategy that entices users to their product. The question now is how to utilize this software for long teams.

    You can either buy it or go through our tutorial. This second option is ideal to be considered if you don’t have the money, but would like to try the paid programs.

    In this article, we’re brief on how to extend or reset the trial period of any program that uses popper direction.

    Many Methods To Prolong or Reset the Trial Periods of All Software

    NO! We don’t promise to provide any license key, crack or patch version for any program.

    In this guide, we will provide you with several tricks to reset trial periods of any Software.

    There are three kinds of promises we’ll discuss in the following paragraphs.

    The principal purpose behind each of the three methods is to resets or erases the software’s saved registry. These methods include…

    1. Reset Trial Periods Of any software by reset time
    2. Reset Trial Periods of any Software by manually deleting the Registry of any Software
    3. Reset Trial Periods for Any Software Using Absolute Uninstaller

    #1 Reset Trial Period of any software by reset time

    This method is what we’ll employ to alter the registry date of the program.

    There are numerous programs (RunAsDate, Time Stopper, Trial-Reset 4.0) can accomplish this.

    This method, however, will not working again after the trial period.

    RunAsDate , a Free Software

    RunAsDate is a free application and gives you more assurance to change the date of registration in any application.

    A majority of people prefer using this software over other.

    Here is the step-by-step guideline on how to reset the trial period of Any Software using RunAsDate.

    64 bit– Link1

    32 bit – Link 2

    1. First start downloading RunAsDate Free Software to PC Windows 10. 8.1 7, 8 and 7
    2. Now extract the RunAsDate zip file and save it to your computer
    3. Now, open the RunAsDate software.
    4. Click on the “Brows” option, then select the program you want to use
    5. Now, you can fill in the exact date and time when you first download the software. You will need to fill in the time and date when you download it.
    6. Look down and select the button “Create Desktop Shortcut”
    7. It is now complete.

    Stopper Time Stopper

    Time Stopper is a different useful program to Reset Trial Time in Any Software. Time Stopper is the same as RunAsDate.

    The functionality and interface are quite similar.

    1. Download( Time Stopper file ) for Windows
    2. Extract the file as Zip and save the file.
    3. Open Time Stopper
    4. Choose the program from the search option
    5. Date and time to fill in
    6. Choose a name to Create Desktop icon. Then click to “Create Desktop Shortcut”
    7. Install the software again to continue using itRunAsDate

      8. Hare In this manner, we will learn the steps to manual deletion of software registry.

    #2: Extend the The Trial Period of Software Deleting Registry

    If you install any program, all data is recorded in the Windows registry.

    This is the reason you should edit or delete the software registry on your computer to Reset Trial Period of the Software.

    1. First, remove the targeted software
    2. Open the Tab RUN by pressing “Windows key + R”
    3. A search tab for RUN will appear in the lower left hand corner of your screen.
    4. “regedit” and press Enter. Type “regedit” and then press “Enter” then click on the “OK” option.
    5. Then, following the name of the program, search for “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE” option in the new window.
    6. Clean out all files related to software. If any files available
    7. Repetition of the previous two steps( steps five and six) by using the search “HKEY_CURRENT_USER SOFTWARE” in the state instead of “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE”
    8. Once again, open the RUN (“Windows”Key and R”) then enter “%temp%” Enter or “OK”
    9. Now press “ctrl + A” and then “Shift +”Delete” to completely delete all files that are not needed and catchers
    10. Now you’re in a good step
    11. Open C drive > user folder > open folder by user name > App data
    12. You’ll find the folder (Local Local Low, Local Local and Roaming folders)
    13. Make sure to open each folder and delete each any software-related files.
    14. It’s done! Start your computer, and install the software again.

    #3 Reset Trial Period for Any Software

     Using Absolute Uninstaller

    If you believe that you can reinstall the program and you are not sure, then you could be fooled since the program already has registered its key in your PC registry.

    If the previous step is difficult for you, then you can remove the registry of software using third-party software, called Absolute Uninstaller. These are the steps..

    1. Install the Absolute Uninstaller setup file and inst 

      all it on your computer

    2. Then, open the program and then click “Uninstall This Program”
    3. All that’s left, the software’s registry is now gone
    4. Restart your device and install the software.

    Final Lines: A Extended Trial Periods for Software

    They are the most efficient and effective ways to extend or reset the either the trial period of 30 or 14 days period for any software. These hacks are completely free and easy to use.

    These days, software crack versions are out, ho

    wever they can cause a variety of damage to your PC , including virus damage or damaged HHDor SSD files.

    Therefore, it’s best to try one of the methods above. We’ll help you if you are unable to make these steps work on your own.

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