FarmVille, Popular Facebook Game Is Shutting Down After 11 Years

Farmville is an agricultural simulation game which made its debut on Facebook in 2009. It involved assigning the character of farmers to players. It designated them with the role of farmers and allowed them to grow and trade crops with others. The social media platform gained an increasing number of users with the introduction of the game. This is because people used the platform to form connections within the game. The game proved as an escape from the real world. Its simulation provided near-life experiences on the farm that could be enjoyed by everyone from the comforts of their home.

It saw a decline in the number of users in 2011, but it improved on the in-game features, and once more started to do an upward climb in popularity soon after. The game, which has made life easier for many by providing them with a hobby and sent Facebook on an upward trajectory, its launch has proved nothing short of beneficial for all those concerned. This gives rise to the question, why is it being shut down in the first place? This is because Adobe has decided to end the process of updating and distribution of its flash drives.

FarmVille Shutting Down

This is what powers Farmville and allows it to run on Facebook in the first place. With the termination of the flash drives, it will become impossible for the game to subsist on Facebook. However, in lieu of customer satisfaction, the developers are working on bringing new in-game experiences before the game finally shuts down on 31st December 2020. This is being done in order to keep the remaining players interested in the game and prevent the game from being snuffed out.

The intent is to let the game go with a bang. In-app purchases will be made available only till November 17, 2020. The players have also been told to utilize the remaining credits by 31 st December 2020 itself. The good news for the players of this game is that it will be made available in the mobile version as ‘FarmVille 2: Tropical Escape.’ Zynga is also planning to launch FarmVille 3 to enhance the gaming experience for people and keep them interested in the game.

FarmVille Announcement

The decision of Adobe to terminate the distribution of Flash Drives is going to cost customers a lot of other games as well. Platforms like Facebook will be unable to support the games without the usage of such flash drives. However, technology is making more and more progress day by day. Suffice it to say that the developers will either find a way to run the games on social media platforms or devise other modes of entertainment for the customers.

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