FAU-G For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Available Now: Details Here

There are a lot of online multiplayer games available for smartphones and as well as PCs, only a few have made a prominent presence among the users. The trend of online Battle royale is new and people started to move towards these games only after the availability of internet services at much cheaper rates. The credit of revolution in online gaming also goes to internet providers and at their minimal internet services charges. These games are PUBG, FREEFIRE, COD MOBILE and the latest game developed by Indian game developers for Indian users to compensate for the PUBG is FAU-G (Fearless and United Guards). FAU-G is a mobile-based game where a user plays as an Indian soldier. This particular game was announced on the demand of Indian users because the Indian government had banned certain Chinese apps including PUBG because of the security breach issue.

And at that time PUB-G was the most played and most downloaded game in India after the ban there was a lot of contention among the player because of the decision of the government. FAU-G had first made its way to the news like an upcoming game soon after the ban on PUBG and this game was launched for Android smartphones in India back in September 2020. At the time of the launch of the game, FAU-G people were talking that the game would be a Made-in-India to compete and in the place for Tencent’s popular Battle Royale title. The game FAU-G was developed by nCore games, However, although the founder of the nCore games (Vishal Gondal) had confirmed in an interview that the game FAU-G was in development for a long time and there is no need to compare this game to PUB-G because both of the games have different gameplay and interface.

FAUG For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

He also told that the title of the game is not relatable to the PUB-G as both have different meaning as well as a game mode. Vishal Gondal also revealed that “We are also donating 20 percent of the game’s revenue to the ‘Bharat Ke Veer’ foundation, which will also allow Indians to also contribute positively to the army,” he also said that every purchase made in the game by the player, nCore will contribute 20% of that amount to the army welfare fund (Bharat ke veer). The decision  of the game developers to donate a certain percentage of the profit earned in the game through app in-purchase by players is really an appreciating gesture towards the Indian army. FAU-G is free to download and play, while a user can make in-game purchases to customize their player avatars with different skins and to buy other useful modes and weapons in the game.

The FAU-G game also comes with an option where the player can purchase official FAU-G merchandise (like T-shirts, hoodies, and more) within the app. Talking about the gameplay of FAU-G, the user will play as an Indian soldier in the Ladakh region and their mission is to infiltrate the invaders in that region to protect the territory from enemies in hand-to-hand combat along with certain other weapons like an ax, stick, and dagger. The game interface of FAU-G is based on Galwan Valley, this episode is particularly the first episode of the game. The game developers also released a new anthem for the which had been appeared in the trailer of the game, the trailer was promising and got a lot of attention because of its patriotic and enticing anthem.

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The teaser of the game revealed a lot of things about the game like FAU-G soldiers using numerous close combat skills like a hand-to-hand battle, although assault rifles were later made their way in the latest teaser of the FAU-G, at the time of the release of FAU-G there were no options or availability of assault rifles to complete the mission. At the time of launch FAU-G’s close-combat and melee-weapons has drawn quite the attention of the gamers. There were numerous melee weapons present in the hands of the players in the first teaser of the game FAU-G. The game is somehow a third-person action-adventure game where a gamer is assigned to complete a mission in a prescribed time. So, this is obscure to compare the two games (FAU-G and PUBG), because these both games are different.

The game developers had confirmed while launching the game that FAU-G will not feature Battle Royale gameplay modes (where multiple players dropped from an airplane on a particular area are and these players try to survive and eliminate another player either in the squad or in solo). This type of gaming mode is certainly new and has become popular only because of Battle Royale in recent years, these games are PUBG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty Mobile. On the other hand, FAU-G particularly focuses on solo missions and episodes that proceed further with the completion of the mission. Although, the developers of the game FAU-G had announced that in the future there will be a Multiplayer mode in the game.

FAUG For iOS Launched

In the latest development in the game FAU-G, the game has finally made its way to the different Apple devices, which include iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, size of the game for IOS based devices is 600MB, and it is compatible with devices running iOS 10.0 or later, and iPad 10.0 or later. We are better aware of the fact that FAU-g is completely free to download and play on android devices and it is free to play on iOS too just like android devices, but there are no in-app purchases for coins functionality available for the IOS devices right now. The app in-purchases start at ₹89 and go up to ₹3,599. This functionality of app in-purchase will be available in the future for the IOS devices, although the confirm date or about the further update regarding this hasn’t been revealed by the developers now, we can hope soon they will bring some more updates for IOS devices.

Soon after the launch of the game, FAU-G has crossed 5 million downloads on Android in a very short period, while after the launch of the game it did not get such good reviews as many of the users found the game linear and boring, and unavailability of the battle royale mode was the vital reason of the negative review lands on the game. The game FAU-G had drawn a lot of criticism from the users and players owing to the reason that the game lacks different modes like battle royale, survival, and only offers a single campaign mode which gets boring at some point. To indemnify those negative reviews and bring some enthralling experience the developers of the game revealed that there will be a new gameplay mode. The developers of the game (nCore) announced that the game FAU-g will soon have a new gameplay mode, “the deathmatch mode”, in this gameplay mode, a user can play in a Team, players can make a team of his/her friends and take part in battles as a squad similar to other battle royale games.

FAUG Game For iPhone

In this gameplay mode, there will have two teams with five players each and there could be a new map for players to face-off new varieties in the game. This gameplay mode will be a game-changer for FAU-G and it sounds pretty interesting too, there is no denying the fact that the update in the game will bring a lot of users towards the game, and contribute to the popularity of the game in the long run. As for now, the player can play in the campaign mode only which is a single-player mode that is based on the real-life event of the galwan valley, where the player assigned to save his/her companion soldiers from the grip of enemy soldiers with the help of melee weapons or in hand-to-hand battle, this gameplay mode is available for both the Android as well Apple devices.

In conclusion, we can say that this game is undoubtedly a better option for PUBG and other foreign gams, our games developers have tried something for the gaming industry of India, we know that the game FAU-G is far behind other top games and there is the point of view in comparing this game to other games because it is still in the development phase, we must extend our support and demand for needs to the developers of the game rather questioning or giving negative reviews won’t bring something good but proper support to Indian game developers can. The game developer of FAU-G (nCore) has promised that there will be several major upgrades and modes will be available in the future, and a player can play a variety of modes in the game. The developers also announced that there will also be a battle royale mode for which all the players are waiting for a long time.

Till then we can play and enjoy the available and upcoming gameplay modes of FAU-G. That’s all the information available about the “the launch of game FAU-G For iPhone, iPad, iPod” as for now if you want more updates and information about the new “the launch of game FAU-G For iPhone, iPad, iPod” and other tech-related or games related updates then you must stay connected with our website. This is a piece of whole information available in the market about these smartphones now. All the further and latest details about the “the launch of game FAU-G For iPhone, iPad, iPod” will be updated as soon as we get any other information. For regular updates and more information, kindly stay connected with our site.

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