FAU-G Teaser Released: Watch How FAU-G Game Will Look Like

    PUBG was a mobile game that took the entire country in its swing. Enthusiastic PUBG players could be found in every nook and cranny. Indians were responsible for over 24% of the total PUBG downloads. The objective of the game was based on a military set up, and you could form your own teams and interact with them to achieve your objective. Then, the Indian army got into a scuffle at the Ladakh border with the Chinese, post which PUBG along with other 117 Chinese apps was banned in India.

    However, the enthusiasm which the game left in its wake was not left unnoticed, and in order to keep providing an entertainment platform for its gamers, nCore Games has decided to release its own version of PUBG, also known as FAU-G, under the mentorship of actor Akshay Kumar, who is known for the many roles he essayed as a soldier, or an army man, time and time again, in the film industry. While the name itself is truly patriotic because of the fact that in Hindi, a ‘Fauji’ means a ‘soldier,’ the game has been awaited with great anticipation by former PUBG players.

    FAUG Game Official Teaser Released

    The teaser was released on Dussehra, which in India, is a holiday to celebrate the triumph of the Goddess over evil. This was a masterstroke, as the teaser was released on a day when the entire country was celebrating the destruction of evil. The term FAU-G was coined as an acronym for Fearless And United Guards. The game aims to replicate the lives of those in the Indian army, by replicating those same scenarios – both domestic and foreign, in a mobile gaming application. The aim is to educate people about the daily trials that the Indian army goes through just to keep the country safe.

    It will inspire the youth to respect the national flag and those who enlist in the army. In addition to this, the game will also allow the users to have the same level of enjoyment which they did while playing PUBG, thereby hitting two birds with one stone! The characters are all Indian, and you can see that they engage in hand to hand combat with the enemy, thereby lauding the fierceness and bravery of the Indian soldiers. The game is set with the Galwan valley as the background to make it look more realistic.

    The interesting fact is that all the game characters look Indian, which will hopefully help Indians connect better with the game. The makers of FAU-G claim that while the aim remains to allow for a fun and interactive user experience, what must be noted is that the attempt is not to replicate what PUBG did, but to come up with another storyline, which is novel and original. The game will also not have a battle royale mode upon release. What needs to be seen is if FAU-G is able to ignite the same fire of passion and enthusiasm as PUBG did.

    While we still do not know if the game will be more of a level by level shooting scenario, or lay emphasis on teamwork and accomplishing objectives, what must be noted is that many are eagerly awaiting the release of FAU-G and look at it as a substitute for PUBG. The teaser of the game looks extremely promising and awakens the fire of patriotism in almost every heart, but only time will tell if it can acquire the fan base that PUBG did.

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