Free Fire Advance Server: How To Register & Details About It

    Free Fire is a multiplayer game where you play as four mercenaries and they are given a mission to complete and get their money back from an evil corporation that has taken over a military base by stealing all its nuclear weapons and holding hostages for ransom or killing them if they don’t pay up fast enough with their lives at stake. The game supports online cross-play between Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Nintendo Switch with two players being able to join a match on each platform (except for PC). Players can choose from six characters in which to fight: Heavy, Light, Assault, Medic, Sniper, and Engineer. The newly released version of free fire is OB29 and there are various changes observed in it.

    OB29 is a new iteration of the Free Fire server which is designed for more hardcore and competitive gamers who like to get in-depth feedback about the game and the ruleset, as well as play matches with players with different skill levels at once so that everyone can get better at the game while having fun at the same time, just like a normal multiplayer game would be supposed to do in this case! With this update, we’ve introduced several important changes into the ruleset: We have increased the respawn rate of the players who are out of ammo or have no shields active by 10%. This is done to make it easier for players to recover their weapon after dying, as they will only need to wait one extra second to respawn.

    Free Fire Advance Server

    This article will provide an overview of all the changes that were made to the game in this new server update as well as a summary of how the community can play it on their machine using custom mods and other modifications that have been developed for the game in the last two years! OB29: Server Changes Gameplay Changes The main gameplay change is the introduction of a brand-new class called the Commando that is mainly focused on stealth and melee combat against enemies but also can equip explosives at the cost of mobility. There are various changes observed in the Free fire advance server after the update. Some of these are:-

    • The FF Advanced server features are a combination of – Advanced Server, Standard Server, Free Trial. You can upgrade to paid version whenever you want to. The Standard Server is limited in the following ways: – It has access to fewer servers – It cannot be upgraded – No chat or statistics on players online, and no other features. The features of an advanced server are numerous. But these features aren’t available for the general public. Only limited features of the advanced server are available for everyone.

    Garena Free Fire Advance Server

    • Some of these features aren’t even available to the general public. In addition, there are several other reasons why FF Advanced servers are often better for a particular application. Some games may have their server browser, but they might be locked down so that only authorized users can access them.
    • In the new update, you can have control to look out for the bugs in the game. You can also report the bugs to the developers. In respect of that, you will receive diamonds.
    • First of all, you will be required to register on the platform to receive the activation codes of Garena Free Fire.
    • Those players will only be able to access the advanced server that has the activation code.
    • The new server of the Garena Free Fire can be installed on any android smartphone as well as iOS device.
    • On the other hand, the iOS version of the free-fire update is yet to be released. There is not much information available about it. Many fans are expecting it to be released soon. The moment we get the information about its releasing date for iOS devices, we will let you know soon.

    How To Log In/Register For Free Fire Advance Server?

    If you are looking forward to accessing the advanced server of the free fire. You are required to register on the official site of Free fire. Although, the new registration has been closed and only those who have registered earlier will be able to access the advance server. There are speculations that the registration is about to begin. So, keep checking on the official site and don’t miss your chance to get the OB29 Android Apk files by registering on the official website of the game, so you can try out this great and addictive free shooting game for Android right away. These are the steps required to log in/ register on the official site of Free fire to access the advanced server. If you want to access the server, then you need to register at the Free Fire Advance Server Page or you can use Google Play Games for that purpose.

    • First of all, visit the official site of the free fire to register to get the activation code (
    • You will see an option to log in via your Facebook or Google account.

    Free Fire Advance Server Login

    • You the particular login link to go to the Free Fire advance server download page.
    • Provide all the details precisely in the respective box.
    • You must be careful while entering the details in the box.

    Free Fire Advance Server Details

    • After providing all the details, an option will appear “join now”.
    • Tap on the option to proceed to the download page of Free Fire Advance Server.

    A new set of maps (4-5) will be released for testing purposes and also available to all users. Firespray 2 is a free expansion that adds a few extra weapons and vehicles. New map “Ricochet” The update is now on Steam Greenlight. You can get Free Fire as a beta version and then test its new features for yourself before it’s released in the main version of the game later on. The best part about this mode is that all you need to do to play it is to have previously purchased the game on Steam and connect your account with it through Steam Client Connector.

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