11+ Free proxy sites List – Best proxy server of 2022


Are you looking for best free proxy sites? Then centalviral is come with 11+ proxy sites list which you are looking for. Proxy sites are free intermediate which you can use as mask your address and location.

Free proxy sites

Proxy sites are those by which you can unblock any website on your country. VPN connection is best for hide location and unblock any website but VPN are costly to use that’s why free proxy sites are best alternative.

What is a proxy server?

A proxy or proxy server is a computer network that “acts as an intermediary” between the requests made by a client to another server. If a person requests to visit a web page, they will do so through a request to the proxy server.

This will transfer the request to the destination website that the user who has actually requested it will not know. And after knowing exactly what it is, it’s time to go on to see each of the advantages, as well as inconveniences that we can find when using a proxy today.

What advantages do proxy sites have?

The advantages of using a proxy go through the anonymity of the users since, if they all identify themselves as one, it is difficult for the destination server or website to differentiate them. In any case, these are the main benefits that we will enjoy when using this type of server:

Our real IP address is not seen or shown, nor any type of data. You will be able to browse anonymously and reduce your digital footprint on the Internet.

We can bypass geographic restrictions. This is interesting, for example, if you want to access platforms that are available in other countries, but not in Spain. With a proxy server you will be able to modify your geographical location and navigate completely normally.

Load times are reduced as data is cached. In this way, when you access the portal again, the loading is accelerated. However, this will only happen if you have previously accessed the website.

We filter potentially dangerous websites. This is one of the most important advantages of all, because our security should be paramount when browsing the Internet. Therefore, it is one more “barrier” and a way to protect our digital information against malicious websites.

Proxy Sites drawbacks

However, not all are advantages since, unlike VPNs, a proxy hides the original IP , but does not encrypt our connection. We have a privacy problem in some free proxies since they are not completely anonymous or we run the risk of leaking our data, so it is important that you look carefully before choosing one or the other.

Another relevant aspect is that you could have difficulties accessing platforms and web pages that only operate in Spain, for example. This will only happen to you if you browse with a proxy from another country (to watch series online or access a service, for example) since it would be as if you were connected in a different country. Similarly, although web pages load faster because they are cached, the actual browsing might be slowed down because it goes through an intermediary.

Difference Between VPN and proxy

In this case, you may think that the functions of a proxy are similar to those of a VPN and, in a way, both have the same advantages and improve our privacy on the Internet when we browse, hiding our real IP address or bypassing restrictions. But, they are not the same and they do not work in the same way. So it is time to find out exactly what a VPN is and, above all, what differences we find between the two.

What is a VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a kind of tunnel that is placed between you and the server and all the information that travels through it is completely encrypted. It allows us to remain anonymous, maintain or improve security, and hide our public IP. There are free and paid ones and they have servers in many different countries to which we can connect from the computer, the phone, the tablet.


If both serve practically the same purpose, what is the difference? A proxy acts as a mere intermediary between the user and an application, web or service (its server), but nothing else changes in the connection. It does not encrypt the connection or its content, hiding only the original IP. A VPN is a more complete solution that protects our connection by encrypting its content , but also hides the IP. This allows us to bypass geographic blocking or access portals blocked by our operator. It is the recommendation when we use a public WiFi.

Therefore, we must know very well what we want to do to choose one or another solution . If we simply want to hide our IP quickly and cheaply (for free with the proxies in this article), a proxy server will suffice. If, on the other hand, we want a security, privacy and anonymity solution, we will have no choice but to opt for a VPN, be it a free VPN with some of the trial periods that most allow to use it for one, two or three months without the need to pay for them.

Best 10+ Free web proxy sites list in 2022

  1. SSL secure proxy

It has several proxy servers that can be selected for use, as well as numerous ips located in different regions. It includes a field in which we can insert an alternative proxy server, it includes very useful options when carrying out the search, such as: encryption in communication with the page, deactivation of scripts and cookies.

  1. HideMe

Another example of anonymous proxy that allows you to choose between several geolocated proxy servers in strategic regions. It includes options that allow not to download cookies, encrypt the URL, encrypt the page, and eliminate scripts and objects from the site to visit.

  1. Proxfree

Website that allows you to select between multiple proxy servers using a fairly extensive list of IPs ordered according to the latency between the user and the server. Includes options to remove cookies, scripts, page titles, objects. It also allows you to delete the web data generated during browsing.

  1. ProxySite

A free web proxy that is advertised as offering maximum speed and security with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. In addition, its website does not offer any type of advertising and even has direct access to the most famous portals such as YouTube or Facebook. In a dropdown we can choose 15 servers in the United States and 10 in the European Union. In addition, it has bypass filters, so that no one prevents you from accessing your favorite sites, not even your boss.

With this proxy, it does not matter if you access a secure site or if it is not. You will have an encrypted SSL connection to browse the sites you want without filters. As in this type of service, browsing is anonymous, so that no one knows where you connect and what you do. Instead of connecting directly to the site, the service does it for you and sends it back to you without anyone knowing where you’ve been. You just have to enter the URL, click Go and that’s it. All this for free. Don’t forget to look at the web settings.

  1. Hide My Ass

One of the best known has servers in the United States, Germany, Holland, London or the Czech Republic. Among its options, the possibility of encrypting URLs, deactivating cookies or eliminating scripts stand out. You just have to indicate the site you want to access, choose a server and configure the options. By giving Accept and connecting you could start using it. Offer payment solutions.

You can access blocked sites anywhere in the world with this free proxy that allows you to hide your IP and browse anonymously by following the simple steps we have indicated. The proxy allows you to browse in a single tab, although you can switch to your VPN if you want and try it for free for a month to see if it convinces you. For normal use you may not use it, but you can test to see what the differences are.

  1. vpnbook

Really fast proxy servers that have a strategically geolocated server infrastructure. No interactions possible

  1. kproxy

It has several public servers ready to use as anonymous browsing servers.

  1. newipnow

This website allows us to browse anonymously using any of the servers shown in a list ordered according to the latency of the closest connection point.

9. Hidester

It allows you to choose between a couple of servers located in the US and Europe. They include options to disable the download of cookies, elimination of scripts and objects.

10. my-proxy

Another platform similar to the previous ones that has a slight peculiarity, it is not necessary for the user to choose a proxy server from the list since the search engine has a button marked by default that searches for a random server automatically.

Those are the best list of free proxy sites of 2022.


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