Gionee StylFit GSW6, GSW7, and GSW8 Smartwatches Launched: Details

On Thursday, the Chinese smartphone and smartwatch maker Gionee announced its new STYLFIT range of smartwatches for the Indian peninsula. Gionee has extended its G-series wearable portfolio by declaring its launch of the three smartwatches i.e- the StylFit GSW6, StylFit GSW7, and the StylFit GSW8. The date of sale of the StylFit GSW6 and the StylFit GSW8 watches are not yet declared, but all three versions will be available on Flipkart for shopping. While the first sale of the StylFit GSW7 has been fixed for 13th June 2021. Gionee is offering STYLFIT GSW7 at a launch price of Rs 2,099, and the STYLFIT GSW6 is rated at Rs 6,999. The STYLFIT GSW8, being the most expensive of them all, is priced to be at Rs 8,999.

The Managing Director of JIPL Mr. Pradeep Jain told the media, “In recent times people have started considering smart wearables as an integral part of the modern lifestyle giving the much-needed boost to India’s promising smart wearable market amid the pandemic… After a massive success of our Smart ‘Life’ Watches in India, we are very excited to launch our new range of smart calling watches.” These smartwatches have numerous advanced features, including a SpO2 monitor, a sleep monitor, a real-time heart rate monitor, a menstrual cycle tracker, a variety of sports modes, a pedometer, a calorie counter, and much much more. A Bluetooth-based voice calling support system is present on both the StylFit GSW6 as well as the StylFit GSW8 models. The new Gionee smartwatches also support multi-sport modes like outdoor running and walking, indoor running, as well as consist of a gravity sensor in order to accurately track activities.

Gionee StylFit GSW6, GSW7, and GSW8

The device can It can save up to 30 songs and you can control the music playback. You can also access your smartphone camera via Bluetooth. Furthermore, the watches have a “Find My Phone” feature in case your phone gets lost. Coming to the StylFit GSW6 smartwatch consists of a square display along with curved glass protection on the top. It has battery storage of 220mAh that can last up to five useable days on a single charge and up to 15 days of standby and comprises 40 cloud-based watch faces. Just like the other smartwatch versions, the Gionee StylFit GSW6 also comprises a step counter, sleep monitor, heart rate monitoring, among others. It also allows voice calling as well as music playback. The Gionee StylFit GSW8 has a circular touch display and comes with voice calling and music playback support features as well.

The StylFit GSW8 watch has a 300 mAh polymer lithium battery that can live up to seven days of usage for daily usage and can standby for as long as 18 days. Other features of both watches are not yet disclosed. The StylFit GSW8 smartwatch comes in leather and silicone strap variant and you can choose between Sienna Brown and Eclipse Black colors. The StylFit GSW6 comes has a dedicated Bluetooth 5.0 for remotely controlling calls, camera, and music, as well as a built-in speaker along with a microphone for you. Users can also measure their blood oxygen saturation level in normal time, and monitor their heart rate from time to time along with other health features including a sleep monitor, a pedometer, a calorie counter, and much more.

Gionee StylFit Smartwatches

To add to this, the StylFit GSW8 comes with a preloaded Find My Phone feature which gives access to their smartphones in time of need. The StylFit GSW6 is sourced by a 220mAh polymer lithium battery that ensures a 15 days standby time and 5 days of usage on an individual charge. GSW6 ranges from across 40+ cloud based watch faces toward personalization. Moreover, the STYLFIT GSW7 consists of a plenitude of features, ranging from a SpO2 monitor to a precise heart rate monitor. But the Bluetooth of this watch is only useful to control the smartphone camera. These smartwatches can also acquire voice calls, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, as well as Mail notifications. The three watches introduced by Gionee are also compatible with any of Android Version 4.4 or above as well as iOS version 9.0 or above.

The Gionee Stylfit GSW7 has a display of 1.3-inch TFT LCD along with 240 x 240 pixels resolution. You can experience various sports modes here, like walking, running, skipping, cycling, etc. The watch also features a sleep monitor, a 24-hour heart rate monitor, as well as a Spo2 monitor. The smartwatch has battery storage of about 130mAh that can last up to four days of battery life after a single charge. The StylFit GSW7 is available to run on devices like Android 5.1+ and iOS 9.0+ via Bluetooth v4.0. Other miscellaneous features of the watch include smart notification and an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance. Although some other specifications of the smartwatch are yet to be published. When it comes to activity tracking, Gionee StylFit GSW7 has a dedicated fitness model that ensures tracking your activities on a regular basis.

Gionee StylFit GSW6, GSW7, GSW8

The smartwatch can work together with the G Buddy app to present real-time results on the smartphone connected to the watch. When the StylFit GSW7 is connected with a compatible enough smartphone, it can deliver notifications for calls, emails, text messages, as well as for potential updates via apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. Users can also take photos through their phones wirelessly using the watch’s dedicated controls. The StylFit GSW6 and GSW8 by Gionee availability details are still under the curtains. As a matter of fact, the GSW7 is already listed on Flipkart for purchase. Moreover, the GSW7 smartwatch is available in Mimi Pink, Matte Black, as well as Teal Green color choices. The Mimi Pink GSW7 smartwatch is registered with a price tag of Rs. 2,099 while the other colors are available at Rs. 3,999 on Flipkart.

Sources suggest that this is a glitch that will probably be fixed before June 13, its launch date. The Gionee StylFit GSW7 can be well suited for people who are buying these kinds of smartwatches for the first time. But people think that it could have had better features to offer to see the asking price as Rs. 3,999, as Gionee’s competitors Noise and Boat offer smartwatches with more advanced features in the same range. The Gionee StylFit GSW6 is set to cost Rs. 6,999, while Gionee StylFit GSW7 will have a price tag of Rs. 3,999. But the introductory price for GSW7 is set at Rs. 2,099 on Flipkart starting June 13, 2021.

Gionee GSW6, GSW7, and GSW8 Watches

However, this introductory price appears to only be for the Mimi Pink variant as the Matte Black and Teal Green color models of GSW7 have been priced at Rs. 3,999. Gionee StylFit GSW6, StylFit GSW7, and StylFit GSW8, all three watches are compatible with Android and iOS devices. These new smartwatches arrive as successors to the brand’s current Smart ‘Life’ Watches that were introduced 2 years ago. Lastly, the Gionee StylFit GSW8 is made available in Eclipse Black and Sienna Brown colors and will carry a price tag worth Rs. 8,999.

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