Gmail Down Along With Many Other Google Services Faces Downtime

Popular services like Gmail and Google Drive from Google Inc. suffered a major global breakdown, including in India on Thursday morning as people went through social media to report on several G Suite services , in particular Gmail. 62 percent of people had trouble with attachments and 25 percent had issues with logins on the Down Detector database that monitored outages.

The Mobile applications status page of Google itself reported that Gmail and Google Drive complaint reports were issued. More than 11% of users recorded that they are facing issues in receiving messages on the popular email service. Gmail. The map reveals that users were also impacted in certain areas of Europe and America. This is not the first time in India, however. In July, several hours of Gmail services had gone down. During this failure, users could not access their Gmail accounts and other Google services.

gmail with other down

And if there’s a question: in India is Gmail down? The response is yes as not only India, but also many other countries face serious outrage of Google services. And several people tweeting regarding their technical challenges, the hashtag #GmailDown has trended all over social media platforms, specially on Twitter. Some people speculated that because of a corona virus pandemic Gmail worker would not necessarily work at home, explaining the vast amount of issues faced by users with their accounts. Others wondered if the network has been overwhelmed right now, as most people are operating out of home, from the sheer number of people using the service.

gmail status

Update: Gmail is now functional following a global failure. To validate the same, Google has posted an update itself stating that many of its services are now functional at many locations. You can read about that on the Google’s service status tab, which reads, “Gmail support for some users has already been restored and we foresee a fix for all users as soon as possible”.

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