Google Doodle celebrate 125th birth day of Great innovative electronic music composer Oskar Sal

Google celebrate 125th birth day of Great innovative electronic music composer and 20th centurie’s German physicist Oskar Sal. Google honor ‘one-man orchestra’ on his 118th birth day for unforgettable contribution on music field. Google dedicate Google Doodle on the honor of Oskar Sal in 18th July showing he is composing music with different instrument.

Oskar Sal is popular for revaluations on music field by invents mixture-trautonium and electrify Television, Radio, and Music with musical pieces such as Rosemary (1959) and The Birds (1962).

All About Oskar Sal

Oskar Sal was born in Germany in 1910. He has natural talent on music. Oskar Sal love to create music and very interested on musical like violin and piano, from very little age Oskar Sal composition many song by using violin and piano.

“When Sala first heard about a device called the trautonium, he became fascinated by the tonal possibilities and the technology the instrument offered. His life mission became mastering the trautonium and developing it further which inspired his studies in physics and composition at school,” Google said in the post.

“This new focus led Sala to develop his own instrument called the mixture-trautonium. With his education as a composer and an electro-engineer, he created electronic music that set his style apart from others. The mixture-trautonium’s architecture is so unique that it was capable of playing several sounds or voices simultaneously.”

Sala also built the Quartett-Trautonium, Concert Trautonium, and the Volkstrautonium. His efforts in electronic music opened the field of subharmonics. “With his dedication and creative energy, he became a one-man orchestra,” the post adds.

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