“Google Investing $10B Digitization Fund For India” Said Google CEO Sundar Pichai

    Take India one step further in building a digital India. On Monday, Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai announced a 10 billion dollar investment in India in Virtual Live Streaming. This will further accelerate the Prime Minister of India’s Narendra Modi’s dream of building a digital India. This huge investment will be made by Google in the next five to seven years and will boost India’s digital economy.

    Everyone from the rich to the poor will benefit equally from this one of Google’s digital investments. The digital world started with the launch of Jio in India and Google’s investment is expected to bring its full potential. Google’s investment will bring India’s vast population under a large digital umbrella. Google’s 10 billion dollar investment will help Indians access affordable internet and enable information, as well as product services that will take them one step further in India’s local excited digital transformation without meeting other Indian needs. It will also be able to provide huge support in the field of education, health; agriculture etc. and provide digital services to a large population.

    Earlier, various telecom companies such as Jio, Airtel announced various important steps and services in the formation of Digital India.

    Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Monday launched Google for India Digitization . Through this fund, Google will be able to access and manage information on the Internet in local languages of India like Hindi, Tamil, Bengali etc.

    Ravi Shankar Prasad, the Cabinet Minister for Communications, Electronics & Information Technology said “I am glad that Google innovative thinking in investing in India and the need to create more opportunities in futures”.

    At the beginning of the current financial year, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos have invested about $1 billion dollars for the commerce site and have committed about 6.5 billion dollars.

    Last June, bilateral relations between India and China deteriorated and various Chinese and trade organizations were banned. In this situation, it has become more important for India to have a foothold in American technology in a country with a large population of Indians.

    Due to the lockdown of the current pandemic virus epidemic, the Internet has become one of the best alternative means of communication in India. Google India CEO Sanjay Gupta says on 13th July India has more than 500 million active internet users and 450 million Smartphone users. And he also said “We are recommitting ourselves to partner deeply and support India in becoming a truly digital nation”.

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