Google Meet App Gets A New Design On Android & iOS

Google attempts to merge two of the big applications – Google Meet and Google Pair – which according to rumors in an effort to compete with its competitor, Zoom. Rumour. However, improvements must be made to both applications in order to make them function smoothly. Google Meet’s first big update updates the application’s appearance both on Android and iOS devices. Really, Google’s latest visual language in this update lets the Google Meet app look and appear the same as the Gmail app while enhancing the complete meeting experience.

The patch was first launched for iOS devices and it is available on the iOS devices right now. While this update is supposed to be released shortly for Android devices. This information was posted on an official Google site and you can visit the same to find more information about the release date. In addition, Google states in the official blog that Google Meet is updated to have the same design and feel for the customer as the Gmail app’s meeting experience.

google meet

There are some small improvements that are brought in only through this latest update from Google Meet. Some new options like “new meetings” or “join a meeting” are now displayed in the Google Meet App on the top bar. Three more choices are shown when you click the “new meeting” button. “Start A Meeting Instantly” and “Schedule A New Meeting In Google Calendar” and it also includes the third option, “Get Meeting Joining Info To Share With Others”.

Another fantastic advantage of this recent Google Meet upgrade is that all planned meetings can now be shown on the home screen. Furthermore, you can view video calls planned in the Google Calendar app as you slide up on the home screen of your device. This latest update offers a live preview of the “My Meetings” list immediately. The screenshot of the account will be available at the top-right corner of the home GUI. At this time, the redesign of Google Meet also has a search panel that can be used to view other settings of the app.

Users may tap the profile icon to select a different Google account and use all of their added Google accounts with Google Meet as they want. That’s the same feature that we’ve got in the Gmail app too. Many tech giants and media companies have stated before this year that Google has merged Gmail into the Google Meet app. This ensures that both Android and iOS devices do not need to use a different app for Google Meet. This made it easy for Gmail users to initiate a Meeting call automatically without problems. Yeah, it was one of Google’s tools to fight the Zoom program.

In a previous release, the Gmail app received a Google Meeting shortcut to allow users to access the Google Meet app directly from inside Gmail when the users click on the Meeting Button. A New Meeting button is also introduced to the Google Meet app this time, alongside its updated interface. As we told above, the latest update for Google Meet has been released for iOS devices now, but Android phones will get it too soon. According to Google, once you download and upgrade your Meet app, you’ll need to do nothing about all visual updates and design.

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