Google Play Store Now Shows The Required “Android OS” Version For Apps

    Recently Google Play Store came with a new feature in its play store and this will help the user to have a detailed perspective of an app (supported android version). This will appear when you will download the app. Furthermore, another important update in the Google Play Store has also been introduced. It will show the version of Android on which a particular app works. For the time being, the new update is limited to the Android 12 OS and we can hope that the update will be introduced for older versions also. This doesn’t apply to every device but should be similar. Go to settings (phone settings not Google settings), then storage and there should be an option to change the default download location. Select on SD card and from then on your downloads will go straight to your card. However, when you select SD card it may not read app data and data alike from the storage on the phone anymore.

    Google Play Store Now Shows The Required Android OS Version For Apps

    If your Android OS supports the new update then you will be able to notice the changes in the interface of the Play store. If you don’t notice any change then the update hasn’t come for your device and you will have to wait for a while. The is a completely new update in the play store and it is combined with the latest and new apps on the store. While many users have observed the update in their latest Google Android 12 OS-supported devices (Pixel 6). A user has said that the new version of the play store which comes with two new updates is 29.2.13-21. On the other hand, many users are still on version 28 of the play store. It seems that the update is still in process and it will take time to launch globally. You have to open the Play Store on your device and then go to the Settings screen (the cog icon).

    Scroll down to Device Info and tap on it once to open the full info page for the current device that you are on now or will be when you are done with the steps below. You will see the first section under General Settings > Apps & Notifications. The new updates in the Play Store have been termed as “Minimum Android Version” as well as “Target Android Version”. The Minimum Android Version will describe the oldest Android OS supported by an app. On the other hand, the Target Android Version will specify the particular Android OS for which the app is primarily built to understand it clearly. This feature is only available on Android devices and not iOS, so if you want to see this new information, your phone must be running an Android version 4 or higher. Such as Lollipop or Marshmallow (Android N).

    Play Store Android OS Version

    It also seems that it may only be showing up in some countries, so if you can’t see it yet, it might take a while before you do see it in other markets around the world.  Else it goes global, you don’t have to download any new software for this feature to appear. it will pop up when you go into the Play Store on your phone. Well, you can click “More Info” at the top of the window, which opens up a larger version of the same information you just saw: It’s an easy way to check if you can install new apps on your device without losing data or functionality. The best option will be to wait till the global update lands for other devices. Till then stay tuned with us for more tech-related news and updates.

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