Google Removed 3 Popular Kids Apps That Were Collecting The Data

In this age of advancing technology, what people often forget is that it is both a boon and a bane to have systems that can infiltrate into your personal information within minutes. A standard example is the three kids’ applications that Google was allowing kids to use, which ended up violating standard privacy policies in its data collection process. The first application in this list is Princess Salon, where the game caters to the interests of those kids who dabble in the art of dressing up, with makeup and fabulous outfits available.

You are allowed to interact with a princess who has many fabulous outfits in her collection, and you get to dress her and her friends up in various outfits of your choice, all the while interacting with the game characters in a positive and friendly manner. This is supposed to be a mentally challenging exercise that will help kids develop in the world of fashion and hopefully interest them to look at it as a career option later. At least, that is what the game promoted when it was released.

Google Removed 3 Popular Kids Apps

The second application on our list is Number Colouring, which, as the name suggests seemed to act as an intellectual stimulant for those leaning towards the world of drawing and artistry. You have a variety of painting and drawing designs that you can color as per your fancy. You can simply tap different numbers to assign different colors to the parts of the paintings. You can adorn the designs with a happy face, and also record the process of drawing and coloring.

You can also use different photos from your phone to form the base of your design if you do not enjoy the predetermined designs that have been made a part of the application for your convenience. You can share your artwork on social media so that the whole world can see your designs. This kind of simple, stress-relieving drawing and painting technique always acts as an incentive for all. In the third application called Cats and Cosplay, the kids get to follow the story of the character Denis, and his feline companion, Sir Meows A Lot, as they try to defeat the attempts of the evil Cat Clone, who wants the world to be populated with monsters instead of people.

Google Removed 3 Kids Apps

This seems to be a classic story where good triumphs the evil, and how only with repeated attempts you can keep the evil at bay. Some unexpected plot twists and turns are always welcome because that is when you feel that something unique in the game is drawing you towards it. You are also allowed the freedom to move the character on the map as per your choice and engage in hand to hand combat with different enemies based on your whims and fancies, makes you feel like you are running the game as opposed to the game running you.

While all these games are seemingly harmless and innocent, Google was forced to remove them on the basis of certain arguments posed by the IDCA. So, it is essential to be careful about sharing different information with the internet, and application installers, as you never know the ramifications of doing so until it is too late. 

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