Google Stadia Is Now Available On Chromecast With Google TV and Android TV OS Devices

Expensive pricing of gaming products has always been at the forefront of challenges faced by the gaming industry and had compressed the range of customers as well. The technology of streaming content has leveled this disparity in the audio-video content genre, and gaming companies are eyeing a spot too. Top technological giants are investing in R&D activities to develop cloud gaming platforms. This service will allow players to play games without consoles or downloads on a basic screen of their device with and even without a gamepad. All of this supported through ‘cloud-based gaming platforms’ over the browser which can be accessed from any remote location via the Internet. Google in 2019 had launched its cloud gaming platform called Google Stadia.

Stadia’s services can be availed on a subscription-based model where the players can opt for annual or monthly payments for the games they play. Thus, with this service, the company aims to attract new gamers in the arena who can play without investing huge capital in console and PC hardware. Talking about Microsoft, the software company has developed alike platform. It is referred to as Microsoft Project-x. The company is using its home-grown gaming console Xbox as a start. This service will have all the Xbox games developed so far and the games that are ought to be released in the future. After a long gap of months and a prolonged wait, google has finally arrived with a piece of conspiring news. Google has made available its online gaming platform and it is referred to as Google Stadia. Pretty weird name? But this is the future of the gaming industry.

Google Stadia On Chromecast Google TV

Now you don’t need heavy gaming consoles, overclocked GPUs. All you need is high-speed internet and an Android TV. Google Stadia is now available to Chromecast. It doesn’t matter if you have Google’s streaming device or not. You can easily stream high-end games on your android with the help of Google stadia. A few months back Google has announced the release of its new online gaming service and told that the company is going to put forward its online game streaming service to the newly launched Chromecast. Google has been withstanding its promise and now it has finally launched google stadia for gaming enthusiasts. Now a gamer can easily play the high-end game on his/her smart tv with the help of internet connectivity. It won’t require any connection of the gaming console to the TV.

After the release of the stadia service, a lot of users are browsing the internet to find out the way to play an online game. Now the services are available for you, that doesn’t mean you can just connect your smart TV to the internet and start the stream of the online game. Some accessories are required in order to play the online game via google stadia. The user must possess a stadia gaming controller or any compatible third-party controller in order to play the game on Android TV. There will be a requirement of additional accessories apart from the internet to stream a game online on Android TV. Google has released a list of additional joysticks and controllers by which a user can easily play the online game via google stadia. These additional controllers are the Dualshock 4 controller of PlayStation, the XBOX one controller, and another XBOX compatible controller.

Google Stadia On Android TV OS

Although google further stated that some other controllers can also be used via USB and Bluetooth. If a user has Xbox one Elite controller or Xbox 360 controller then he can connect his/her controller via USB and stream an online game. Furthermore, the spokesperson of the newly launched Google stadia also said that users can try their conventional Bluetooth controller because there are chances that ordinary Bluetooth controllers can also work. Many gamers picked up a pro version of PlayStation or X series of XBOX, a few short years after the base units, and a few short years later we’re got a new console, this cycle is likely to happen again. So, whilst Sony and MS are asking their players to drop a huge amount of cash every few years. But for the Google stadia, the company released a statement and said that “you can pay us a flat rate every month and NEVER need to buy a new console”.

You throw in 5G being standard by the time the PS6/Xbox5 roll along and now you have the power to play 4k games anywhere on any device with minimal input lag. On the gaming and visual aspect, many people are reckoning that the gaming experience will be ordinary because it doesn’t require any console. but their perspective is totally wrong. Google stadia won’t require any console but that doesn’t mean it will give a simplistic performance. Google has revealed that users can stream the game in 4K and high-resolution games can be stream on android TV. This is the future of gaming. Now, you don’t require those heft and expensive consoles and unbelievably high-priced gaming setup to play the game. Google has made available the essence of gaming for everyone in the form of Google stadia.

Google Stadia On Google TV

But there is an important factor that the user must have to keep in mind. Online game stream on Android TV via stadia can only be accomplished with the help of listed or mentioned controllers. Users can’t use their mouse and keyboard on the smart TV to play any game. A lot of gamers are habituated to playing games via Keyboard and mouse, although it’s a conventional way of gaming most of the gamers prefer keyboard and mouse over Joystick or controller. So, this will little tough for them to play any game via Joystick on Google stadia. For the information, the Google stadia is now available on the Google play store (Only in limited countries). In the countries where Google stadia has been launched, users of that country can easily find the google stadia app in the play store and proceed to download it without any worry.

The app can also be found on third-party platforms like APKmirror. Users can download apk of google stadia from other platforms and install it on their Android TV. Users can also install google stadia on their smart TV remotely with the help of a PC. As for now, the app is only available in limited countries, so users will have to wait for a while for the international release of Google stadia. Considering the bestselling console is PS4 at 100 million and if the “buy the latest games until a new one launches” group was the main why is the bestselling PS4 game, uncharted 4, sitting at 15 million. Let’s pretend that Uncharted 4 players didn’t buy the Last of Us remaster, Horizon, or God of War, and those who bought those games didn’t buy the others, that’s still 45 million. Other consoles will have a tough struggle with Sony PlayStation to sustain in the gaming industry.

Google Stadia For Android TV

The gaming industry is transcending through technology at a very fast pace. Just a few decades back we have our first computer game and now we are playing games in Virtual and Augmented reality. Google had shared plans for the development of Stadia in the year 2019. In the year 2020, the American corporation added at least 120 games to the streaming service. What specific projects should appear on the site has not yet been specified. It is well known that Google plans to release more than temporary exclusives for Stadia in the upcoming years. Google’s stadia are not a game, it’s an online gaming platform consisting of several games inside it. Something like Netflix, Hot star where you can watch TV shows, movies, documentaries, channels, news, etc. by paying monthly or annual subscription fees.

Similarly, in Google stadia, you can take a subscription & play high-end games online. Furthermore, the company hasn’t released any statement regarding the release of the google stadia online gaming platform in India. The service is now only available in the United States of America. Users of the US can only stream the online game for the time being. We believe that the service will be available in India pretty soon. There is no denying the fact that India is one of the biggest gaming markets in the world. console makers have a keen eye on the Indian gaming industry owing to its huge turnover and extensive presence of gaming. Till then further details about the Google Stadia will be updated periodically on our website.

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