Google Turns 23 Today: Celebrates Birthday With Special Doodle

Google was not the first search engine it had multiple competitors when it entered the market. Google’s edge, which lead to them gaining market dominance, was their page rank algorithm. Their page rank algorithm was essentially a weighted graph however the way they calibrated the weightings/edges between sites utilized a new technique. They measured the number of links to a website from other websites to tell how important it was. The more important the site, the higher up the search list it was. Google now uses many other algorithms but it began as a small start-up business with this new algorithm that the founders believed was better than current competition algorithms. Google has come a long way throughout the years of its inception.

From a limited search engine which was developed by two coders in a garage to multi-billion Doller company which has recently introduced the prototype of the quantum computer. Google search algorithm was the best at that time(still is). Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Bin while they were in college. They met at a prestigious university, so in such an environment it is possible to meet an equally creative & ambitious peer. However, starting a great company just because you are a developer is not very probable, but you have other prospects to be very successful, like working for such an amazing company (WE guess Facebook is the top innovative company now, but the big waves of cloud, big data are transforming many companies creating small pockets where innovation becomes possible).

Google Turns 23 Doodle

Larry Page and Sergey Bin are the most influential and richest entrepreneurs in the world. Most of their wealth is ownership of stock. Their salary a few years ago was in millions. So, if they sold no stock, their income would just be dividends and interest. If they sold $900M worth of stock, their income would be $900M for income tax purposes. So, their income for income tax purposes can be whatever they want it to be. There are no dividends for GOOG stock, so owning it does not produce taxable income. Google is celebrating its 23rd birthday on 27th September 2021. The US-based company is celebrating its birthday by displaying a special Google doodle on its homepage. The Google Doodle displays a cake with 23 written on the cake. The cake is decorated with a candle “L” in the word “Google”. The inception of Google dates back to September 4, 1998. On this day, the company was incorporated.

The founders of Google turned their idea into reality in their dorm rooms where they worked together on the prototype of the search engine for over a year. The prototype of Google was pretty basic and has limited options. Now, it has become one of the most powerful search engines and one of the biggest companies on this planet. Although, this giant company has observed its birth anniversary on 4th. Later on, the makers of the search engine decided to shift its birthday on 27th September by announcing the record number of pages the search engine observed and indexed. There are a lot of facts about Google which we don’t know, one of the facts is its logo, Google’s logo is an optical illusion used in design to make circles look “more round” by making them less round. Things line up strangely and asymmetrical.

Google 23 Birthday Doodle

Very forward and timeless design approach. Furthermore, Google has rarely made doodles on living persons. Majorly google doodles were more of tributes and remembrances. Google uses doodles in the fond memory of famous personalities and gives recognition to their field of work. Google’s name is a typing error of a number called a googol, which is a 1 followed by 100 zeroes. They got an intern to trademark the name, and they spelled it wrong. Hence the name “Google” came into inception. They are hands down people’s favorite technological company. Always bringing the best new things and making people laugh and smile with their innovative and surprising google doodles. Generally, we see that every Google doodle represents any special issue, celebrity, or character.

Doodles are only for showing their devotion to the things it represents also for providing fun to people like Pacman and guitar. It pays homage to celebrities by making a doodle in fond memory of them. It wishes its user on his birthday if he is logged in on that day. So these are the reasons why Google makes doodles. They’re becoming too frequent to get much news coverage, for sure. But the ultimate purpose of the doodles is to provide a happy surprise when a user visits. This reward keeps people coming back, feeling like they’re a special part of a club, having gained special knowledge about the day they were born and their impact on society. The first Google Doodle celebrated the Burning Man and was ideated after Brin and Larry Page spent their last week of August 1998 going to the Burning Man festival.

Google Founders

That’s when they decided to make the Burning Man logo and reinvented it slightly by adding a stick-man shape behind Google’s second “o”. You can try googling “Google in 1998” and you will also get what the interface looked like in 1998. Since then, Google Doodles have celebrated many world events, famous birthdays and festivals, and more with beautiful doodles on its home page. These doodles include artwork or interactive games to generate awareness among its users. Google also created the Google Doodle Games to add fun to its homepage! Watch out for the must-recommended special Christmas Games on Google featuring Santa trodding around the North Pole and delivering gifts. The size of their internal network that has a graphic of how many computers Google has compared to other companies.

They are many times larger than the next largest company in terms of the number of computers they own and run. It’s the kind of graphic that needs to be plotted on a long scale and still, Google would stand out. The current CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai. He belongs to India and he is an IITian. Sundar has worked to reach this point and his efforts have leads google on the path of perpetual growth. From playing a very decisive role by thinking about all the small project ideas from the research lab and taking those ideas to such an impact-full level like from bringing people imagination or ideas to reality and empowering millions of devices to achieve transformation on its services and products. And also taking care of its running projects and businesses and all the Google’s ongoing stuff’s are under his command.

Google Starting Team

With such a great level of responsibility where his one decision creates an impact on billions of Google users, we can conclude that he does work hard. In the year 2004, Google went public and it gets recognition from all around the world. In the year 2015, google came under-recognition of Alphabet Inc. and become a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Alphabet. As for now, the google search engine is available everywhere around the world and it provides search options in more than 150 different languages of the world. One of the best things about Google is its workplace environment and total support towards its employers. Google took great care of the family of its deceased employers. They pay the deceased’s spouse half the former employee’s wage for 10 years.

That is amazing and more companies should do something like that even if it’s not for 10 years. We understand smaller businesses just couldn’t afford it but even a month’s wages would be a huge help so they don’t have to work while they are grieving at their worst. These larger companies thought well they could pay deceased employees spouses a percentage of their wage for x amount of years and be just fine especially since they benefit so much from the poor while benefiting from the cheap labour they can get away with paying to the poor who are desperate enough for any job. When Google first went public, most search engines were packed with links, so when someone would search something on google, it usually took a long time in those days. Tech experts and developers believe that Google is here to stay.

Google 23rd Birthday Doodle GIF

The parent company Alphabet, spends millions if not billions of dollars to maintain their brand and positioning in the online search space. We can say that 23 years from now it will be unlike anything it is now and would not care to speculate what that looks like, but life in general in 2044 will be far different than today. Life without google seems undigestible but we have gone through that phase when we survived by reading a whole lot of books, asked for directions from all & sundry: finally to know that we are standing near to the place of destination, we played real games. We listened to the radio for information on the country and abroad. We had fewer differences & more love. We had access to limited knowledge and were happy in our worlds. We paid through hard cash and cheque.

We stood in Queues for everything. With Google, everything seems to be changes and life becomes faster. We now know so many things which were hidden from our knowledge. We play games, we have a more easy lifestyle at the click of the keyboard: no more real games, no more Queues, no more hard cash. We have all information through Alexa or Echo. We hardly listen to the radio but surely go to YouTube & check PewDiePie vs T Series Ratings. We are knowing that we are all different!

Google Birthday Doodle 23

In their own words: “Every day, there are billions of searches on Google in more than 150 languages around the globe, and while much has changed from the early days of Google, from its first server housed in a cabinet built out of toy blocks to its servers now being housed in more than 20 data centers globally, its mission of making the world’s information accessible to everyone remains the same.”

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