Google’s Bug Bounty Program Rewards Indian Techie With ₹65 Crore: Details

    Just like other companies, google also keep an eye on the security threats and they are observing and reviewing every flaw in their programs. Even after so many precautions, the company gets to know about the vulnerabilities of the masses. In exchange for that, google reward the big finder. Bugs in Google are mostly found in simple aspects and developers of google fail to observe that. While computer enthusiasts took this as an opportunity by finding the vulnerabilities and getting a handsome amount from google and as well as recognition all around the world. The bounty program shows the reality of what it takes and the amount of work to find just one vulnerability. Also shows how dangerous these exploits are to the companies vulnerable to them. Exploits like this are always caused by a lack of someone doing something they should do.

    Something simply overlooked and/or not checked, at some crucial spot. Still impressive because we are not sure how he could just find that out somehow externally. If you are interested to earn some money, and if the bug is a crucial one, leverage one of the bug bounty programs google uses. The Vulnerabilities reward program of Google and Alphabet is the most sought bounty initiated by the company to get to know about the issues and flaws. Those who track and deduce the flaws are honored and rewarded by the company for letting them know about the issue. The VRP program was initiated in the year 2010 and it is still proliferating. For the time being, Google released a blog in which it has mentioned the founders of vulnerabilities and flaws in Google products. The list has mentioned the names bugs bounty hunter of the year 2021.

    Aman Pandey BugsMirror

    It has been observed that the bug was written by Sarah Jacobus. It has been reported that the company has awarded the record-breaking sum of $8,700,000 only in the year 2021. It has been the biggest total reward given by google in any year since the inception of Google’s Bounty program. The VRP program has influenced a lot of Indians and many youngsters from India are receiving names and fame by finding the flaws and mistakes. For the time being, an Indian boy is getting a lot of recognition because he attempts to find a major flaw in Google and he observes that in a fraction of time. The name of the Indian researcher is Aman Pandey. Google has given special applause and shout out to them and he has been rewarded as the top researcher of the year. Amit Pandey has reported around 231 vulnerabilities in the year 2021.

    Eventually, he has been provided with a handsome amount to inform google about the vulnerabilities. If middle-level organizations do not run any bug bounty, then you will not get rewarded. They will accept the bug and solve their problem. Companies like Google, spend huge money on people to find bugs for them! Google Bug Bounty Program to find more information. Dollars are such a small amount considering the damage that could be done with this vulnerability. It’s a very smart move from companies doing those competitions for their security measures but we think in this case they could have been a bit more gracious with the amount of money. How much money you will get depends on the severity of the bug and before launching the project they will mention every detail.

    Google Bug Bounty Rewards

    Google Bounty programs require certain points to be remembered. Like in which website you have found, Are they were running the Bug Bounty program? Most of the organizations: Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. run bug bounty programs for freelancer/QA. So if you have found a defect in the bug bounty program then they will surely reward you. Top organizations always use rewards to the user who finds loop whole or security issues in their system. There are a lot of big companies like Google which offer free bounty programs with rewards and Well, Facebook, jet, seek Pinterest, and many more (all these give up to 15000$ or more, depending on the severity).

    Bugcrowd, Hackerone, or any other bug bounty websites; and in the programs section, you can see the different bounty programs with respective bug amounts. You can Use your hacking skill to find public bug bounties. People keep searching for public bug bounties using Google Dork or if they don’t have a bug bounty program then ask them if they pay users who reported security bugs (works 50%).

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