Google Dinosaur Game Inspired With Tokyo Olympics 2020

There are two things that we need to cover up here. One is the most addictive game ever. A game that everyone who uses the internet has played at least once in their entire life and it could be something that is quite enjoyable. The game can be played anywhere even without a complex phone which is just pixels and a whiteboard. No, I am not talking about the classic snake game, it is something that is played almost everywhere on the planet regardless of whatever company your phone belongs to. And not only is the game enjoyable, some players just turn off the internet to just play the game. Ever saw a dinosaur while you see the black screen that says you can’t access the internet on your chrome browser? A simple pixelated dinosaur that is worth the wait when it comes to waiting for the internet.

Yes, I am talking about the weird Google dinosaur game that is also not so weird if you like it. Almost instantly you can beat your high score and the game features simple touch and go play where you have a tiny dinosaur on the run. It is all pixelated and it doesn’t even have an audio track. The game features a simple dinosaur that hops in and out of the track and a simple tap makes it jump. Although we speculate that the amount of time we spend on the game even if our connection refreshes, it is simply joyous to play the same. The game starts with the dinosaur and a stream of cactuses which comes as it runs. You simply have to tap on the screen to make sure the dinosaur jumps and it would jump over the cactus. The game ends if you collide with the cactuses and the dino dies.

Google Dinosaur Game Tokyo Olympics 2020

The next thing that you need to know about is the tournament of games which was started back in the ancient city of Olympia. The tournament had a number of games such as swimming, sprinting and a number of things where players challenged themselves and it was a tournament that people look forward to. Hundreds of people from ancient Greece used to participate in the game and it made sure to strengthen the relationship across countries and kingdoms. It was a safe and healthy environment where the citizens of countries across could participate in. To this day, the tradition lives on. Although there were certain ages in history where it was lost and forgotten by everyone and it was one of the dark eras where we waged wars against each other. But, the tradition is still alive and we hope that it will continue until the very end of humanity itself.

The Olympics are now held after every four years to make sure that they continue to inspire us with feelings of hope and strengthen our relationships across countries. They take place in various parts of the world, across cities where the respective government hosts them. It has been 4 years since the last Olympics happened and this time amidst the pandemic, which we would discuss its effects on the same too later on, in Tokyo. The Japanese people have now taken up the responsibility to become the host of the 2021 Olympics. The arrangements have been made and this time, the ghastly aftermath of the pandemic still exists in many parts of the world and there won’t be audiences for the Olympics and there would be so many restrictions that would be faced by the participants.

Google Dinosaur Tokyo Olympics 2020

Also, many countries like India, Pakistan, and even the UK are still suffering from the pandemic. But, we shouldn’t be all gloomy as we have already evolved past the stage where we won’t be completely wiped out like the dinosaurs. So, we shouldn’t worry about the details relating to the same. Combining the two mentioned above, there are certain things that we need to realize that simple things matter the most. To commemorate the story of the Olympics Google has changed the simple dinosaur game. The change isn’t something major like adding a video or making it coloured or something like that but it is still quite fun to play. The game is quite simple as it was with just a few different twists. The twist is that once you would hit the obstacle the dino would die and the game would end.

Normally you would see the message as the game has ended or the Game end and a symbol for replay. But a tribute to the Olympic games is defined as a degree of change in the game where the message ending would be in Japanese rather than the traditional message. The message would read “またプレイしてね”. It’s a classic anime term used to say, ‘Please play again’. There are many things that can be said about the game which have not changed so drastically but it is quite fun to see the simple game change so much. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google announced about the game via a tweet. Although there was a Redditor who noticed the same and commented about it even before the official launch, the majority of people found out about this via the CEO’s tweet. The tweet stated that the game has been changed and a little funny thing has been added to the game as a tribute to the 2021 Olympics.

Google Tokyo Olympics 2020

It won’t be a huge upgrade that you would see in the game like an audio track added or colours or something like that, it would just be some tweaks that would be incorporated into the app for the time being. Sharing a snap of the game itself, the Redditor shared that a minor change has happened with respect to the game that won’t be even noticed if you don’t look carefully. He stated that a torch would be seen in the game where you would be able to play a completely different version if you interact with the same. The Redditor posted about the game that if you play it long enough, even after being connected to the internet via a link which you can find if you simply search for the dino game, and you play it for a few seconds you will get a completely new object which has never been seen before on the game.

Firstly, you have to run and jump on a few cactuses and play the game for a few minutes and after that, you would notice a strange torch in the middle of the game. If you don’t jump over or slide under the torch and directly hit it while running, the dino would change its clothes or the entire Avatar of the dino would change. You can feel as if he has now changed his clothes and is ready for the Olympic games. The tweaks in the game were like a tribute to the Olympics that are currently being held in Tokyo. This was because they even change clothes and everything and have their own proper uniforms while competing in the game. The torch would not only change the avatar but also the type of gameplay. The dino would not just jump over the incoming obstacles but also duck beneath them. Although you can’t make out the difference between the races it is still the same.

Google Dinosaur Game Tokyo Olympics

Also, you won’t understand just how the effect has happened but the fact is that the cute little dinosaur would look more focused and there would be a finish line ahead of that he is ready to reach. Now the dinosaur would just not start with the Olympic game. There is a good reason as to why this didn’t happen because if it did the classic mode would have just vanished. Now, there are many speculations with respect to the changes made to the game. The first one is about the torch that changes everything. Why the torch is added to the game can be explained only by the developers but many people suggest that it has a deeper meaning to it. We all know that torches illuminate any path covered in darkness, it also means to shine light upon the truth and to move forward to a new beginning.

The latter is the reason which is considered as to why Google kept torches that would be a symbolic gesture to move forward. The classic dino game is a really good example when it comes to change. As the game has new tweaks which pays a tribute to the Tokyo 2021 Olympics, a single Redditor who might be a huge fan of the game suddenly streamed and commented on how he found the amazing update in the game. Although it’s not such a big deal, the simple game gained huge popularity with just that comment which made the CEO of Google acknowledge the same. You can find courses like spriting, jumping over obstacles, ducking underneath them and even swimming in water to name a few things that are tweaks to this game.

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