“Government Jobs will be Given to Youths of Madhya Pradesh” Said Chief Minister Shivraj Singh

    The unemployment rate is reached the peak in The current situation corona virus crisis..  Under the circumstances Government main challenge to reduce unemployment rate and increase financial growth in India.

    Many state planning various project and program to reverse the flow of unemployment. In this situation Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh announce their planning in Tuesday 18th August to reduce unemployment on their stare. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh said necessary legal provisions will be made to provide government services to the local people. And “all the recourses of the sate are for local resident of MP” said Shivraj Singh. Undoubtedly it’s good news for the MP residencies. However government is not elaborate legal provisions for this amendment.

    “The state government has taken an important decision that government jobs will be given to youths of Madhya Pradesh. We are making necessary legal provisions for this. Resources of Madhya Pradesh are meant for children of the state” said Shivraj Singh Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh in a Video statement.

    However, Job seekers in the rest of the state in India will not be happy with this decision.

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