H1-B Visas Temporarily Suspend in USA


Trump Administration of reform in visa policy. The Trump administration has decided to temporarily suspend H1-B visas. The United States is still number one in the world in terms of Covid19 infections. And its horror continues to grow day by day. The administration declared a long Lock down and as a result the American government suffered a huge blow financially and in employment. And an estimated 4 million Americans have lost their jobs in the recession.

                                            h1b Visa temporarily suspend

There are new presidential elections in the United States this year of 2020. So Trump’s decision is aimed at strengthening the political position by tightening immigration policy. And Trump is trying to bridge the voting divide by prioritizing American jobs. The government has already tightened the visa regime to increase employment in the country and provide more jobs to its citizens. Among them is a new version of h1b visa. According to the Trump Government announcement, various work visas have been announced in the United States by the end of this year. Experts hope that this will create more than five million jobs in the United States. From now on, he has instructed his administration to move towards merit-based immigration in the field of visas, White house officials said.

What is h1b visa? H1b visa is issued for work in America. And whose time is usually for three years. And which can be further extended up to six years later. According to US statistics, about 1 lakh 33 thousand foreigners were granted this H1-B visa in the last year (2019). Most of them were skilled IT workers from China and India. However, for those currently in the United States, the new policy is unlikely to work.

The administration’s decision has drawn criticism in many cases, with the government using the epidemic as a tool to limit foreign immigration. However, from the American point of view, this move will show a new direction.


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