Happy Onam: Pinarayi Vijayan Say No to Other State’s Flowers During Onam 2020 Festival

Happy Onam 2020: Onam is a very popular state festive in Kerala.The recent directive by Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan not to tell flowers brought from other states during this year’s Onam celebrations has also had a devastating effect on florists.

Flowers are usually sold in Kerala during Onam, but this year vendors are facing problems due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Happy Onam 2020

According to florists, they made no profit after the COVID-19 lockdown. Though the unlocking process is going on all over the India. The coronavirus epidemic has dampened their best season for the business. Usually, during the Onam festival, flowers are bought to make flower carpets for decoration and other purposes.

Sales of Flowers Fall Amid Onam In Kerala for COVID-19

According to the information of one flower seller “Typically, at this time, the daily sales are about rupees 12,000 to 15,000 according to the fact that there are flowers. But now, it’s drastically reduced to just rupees 300 the last time we couldn’t manage to give flowers to all customers due to the rush. The situation is very bad this year,”

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He also added “We have brought flowers from Coimbatore and the prices are high there. We are facing a lot of losses this festive season. Today is the 9th day of the Onam festival, but there is no crowd to buy flowers.

Onam falls in the month of Chingam, which is the first month according to the Malayalam calendar. The 10-day celebrations culminate in the Malayalam New Year and end with Tiruvannamalai. The Onam festival, which started on August 22, will continue till September 2.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has hailed Onam as an international festival and greeted all Malalais around the world. In his Maan Ki Baat program, he said, “Onam is also being celebrated these days. Onam’s enthusiasm has spread abroad. Whether it is the United States, Europe or the Gulf countries, Onam’s joy may be felt. Onam is becoming a growing international festival.”

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