India’s Harnaaz Sandhu Wins Miss Universe Contest: Details

    Miss Universe is not just a title, it emphasizes the person as a role model to the current generation. It is something to put on your resume. It can give you more exposure to your platform. It is good to be used as a reference towards other endeavors in life. She can be an advocate for a particular cause and be interviewed as to how to go about tackling an issue. She’s a spokesperson for the pageant and a mentor to the younger generation. We always wonder how they do these beauty Pageant competitions because “beauty seems to be a very subjective matter”, every brain would have its own version of the ideal beauty. Miss Universe is not just selected from the perspective of looks and heigh, they just do not select a Miss universe on the basis of her beauty but inner knowledge and reasonability also matter.

    They have quiz competition and some reasoning perspective so the judge can decide by both inner and outer look. The quality of miss diva contestants had been an issue. The organization does not give it as much exposure as it does to the Miss India pageant. But since a lot of things are changing for good from this time, it’ll change as well. The excitement when Sushmita and Aishwarya won the Miss Universe and Miss World titles respectively was something different. Still have goosebumps and Aishwarya’s beauty and presence and the winning moment are still incomparable. The 21-year-old from Punjab Harnaaz Sandhu representing India at 70th Miss Universe 2021 held in Eilat, Israel brought to the country the crown after 21 years.

    Harnaaz Sandhu Miss Universe 2021

    She was born in the year India last won Miss universe i.e. year 2000. So after 21 years, she wins it at the age of 21. ️ there is no denying the fact that she is well-deserved and a total package! So happy for her and damn she’s like a living Barbie doll. Paraguay and India are both my best to win the crown. It’s sad to see them both fighting for one crown but both are still deserving. Everyone admires the beauty of Miss India she’s very beautiful inside and out the way she talks we feel the security of her words and we think this batch is unforgettable because of the preparation is awesome, perfect stage, and the host also doing great and the winner is deserving congrats Ms. Universe Harnaaz Sandhu. She will hopefully inspire and entice women to have ‘Miss Universe’ as one of their dreams.

    After Susmitha and Lara, it’s Harnaaz Sandhu now who brought home the Miss Universe crown after 21 long years. Harnaaz was confident from the beginning and that is why she has been chosen as the winner. We knew from the beginning that Harnaaz will be the next miss universe. The moment that she appeared on the stage, the way that she communicates to the camera, and the way you expound your answers are just a winning motion. Warmest congratulations from the Philippines, we rooted for you since the prelim. The way Harnaaz Sandhu touched the crown and took blessings before Andrea placed it on her head shows how humble and thankful she is. At that moment, We can see all the hard work, pain, commitment, enthusiasm, confidence, belief, empathy, gratitude, and jubilation reflecting on her face.

    Harnaaz Sandhu Miss Universe

    The result proves that beauty is not the most important thing to win Miss Universe. India proved to be more skillful to answer questions and Miss Paraguay much more beautiful but the ability to answer carried more weight this time. The crown fits her perfectly as she was in her best since the Preliminary round. Fans from all over the world preferred India to win from the start. She’s gorgeous and witty. Perfect triple B(Beauty, Body& Brain). Rumors are very strong for Paraguay but India nailed it. It was a fair and square battle until the end and Harnaaz fought for it. She had put behind the contestants from Paraguay and South Africa. Harnaaz brilliantly gave all the answers, one of her question’s answer which really gained attention. The question was “One of the problems that the youth of this generation is that they have stopped believing in themselves.”

    Well, nothing short of the current reality or the truth that prevails. Given the pandemic situation, children and the youth are becoming more couch potatoes sticking to TV, Mobile phones, or games. There are a plethora of options that can be researched and at the same time to make your mark on the same. Well, nonetheless, we’re quite happy with the decision that she was selected as the winner basis on the answers, her beauty, her inner character. We are much happier that she represents the same county which we represents. She was asked a question on nature in the fifth round “Many people think climate change is a hoax, what would you do to convince them otherwise?” she answered, “My heart breaks to see how nature is going through a lot of problems, and it is all due to our irresponsible behaviour.

    India's Harnaaz Sandhu Miss Universe

    I totally feel that this is the time to take action and talk less. Because each action could save or kill nature. Prevent and protect is better than repent and repair, and this is what I am trying to convince you guys today”. A lot of Filipino has been crowned Miss universe and there are a lot of theories behind it. One theory for the prevalence of mixed Filipina contestants is that this tribe is more conscious of their “blood” purity. On the other hand, Filipinos from the North have a much higher incidence of marrying outside their tribes due to trade and are much less concerned with appearances. The future of Miss Harnaaz Sandhu seems promising. She is a confident girl and she knows what she will have to do in the future.

    She will join Bollywood because Bollywood is always on the lookout for the next fresh face and someone who won a beauty competition for India as well as now being recognized by Indians everywhere is also going to be a plus point. The previous Miss Universe winners are Lara Dutta and Sushmita Sen who are still acting with the former appearing as Indira Gandhi in the movie Bellbottom and the latter just released the second season of her hit show Arya. As for how far she will go in Bollywood it is hard to say depending on the projects she chooses and her acting ability. She would be a brand ambassador of prominent companies as Miss universe will open many paths for her. She would appear in a few movies and in OTT platform drama. She would cut ribbons and provide good advice to the human race. Good for her and good for India. This is just the beginning for her.

    Harnaaz Sandhu India Miss Universe

    This is what we call “A fair fight.” Fans love the Philippines and Thailand both are phenomenal women. They were my favorite until Ms. India spoke on that stage. The crown was made for India this year. Congratulations Ms. India! We hope she will do great in her future and make the country proud. It is astonishing to see people from different origins, religions, and languages celebrating her win. We only want this kind of universe where everybody lives with peace and harmony and celebrates each other’s victory where in the end only loves win.

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