HP Omen 16 2021 Laptop Launched In India: Price, Features, Specifications & More

    When buying gaming laptops you need to see what is your utility (light or heavy gaming) and the requirements for the next 3 years. Since all hardware is manufactured in China it is all the same in any of the major PC companies. What matters is the design, features, price, and configuration. In gaming laptops, the GPU is usually much more important than the CPU. If you can find a 3550H with a good GPU at a good price (e.g. an RX 5500M or GTX 1660) it might be worth getting, but you will likely be able to find a similar laptop with a much better CPU like a Ryzen 5 4600H for only slightly more. Dell, Acer, HP, Lenovo, etc. do not manufacture a single piece of hardware. They are assembled and configured by them. Even their vendors are the same.

    HP is one of those companies which has been reckoned as one of the oldest computer manufacture companies in the world. HP was started by William Hewlett and David Packard in 1938. HP is struggling hard to be in the business of Gaming Laptops. To compete with prominent gaming laptop manufacturers like Dell-Alienware and ASUS-ROG, HP has introduced the OMEN series and the company is slowly grasping the market. HP has finally decided to introduce its omen 16 laptop in the Indian market. So let us talk about this laptop in detail. HP Omen being a much more all-round, better machine than most of Dell’s offerings around that price, even the HP Victus tends to be better valued than the Dell G15. HP omen is also getting mixed recognition among buyers and finally, it will be available in India, there are a lot of expectations with this gaming laptop.

    HP Omen 16 2021 Features

    HP Omen 16 is based on Windows 10, its battery life is up to 9 hours and battery capacity (WHR) is 83. The display of this laptop is 16.10 inch and the refresh rate is 165 Hz. The processor of the laptop is based on intel core 11th generation. The new Intel 11th gen processor has been recently launched and that is the reason why this laptop user could not get any trouble while using it for long hours laptop. The memory of this laptop support 32 GB of RAM. The omen 16 is also supported dedicated graphics cards like Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070. Its SSD storage of 1TB. It supports the 802.11 version of Wi-Fi connectivity. RTX 3070 is fine if you don’t mind playing very heavy titles at medium settings. The display is ok. Don’t expect anything extraordinary. If you want to take full advantage of the 144Hz display in the modern AAA titles, then you’ll have to play them at medium settings.

    The laptop looks cool with a stylish plastic-made body with good built quality. The keyboard is backlit and you could adjust its brightness. The screen is 165 Hz which means that you could only get a maximum of 165 fps in any game. The laptop comes with huge usable RAM which is quite much for a gaming laptop, also you could upgrade it via a RAM slot. The processor of Omen 16 is pretty good as you could play any games like PUBG PC in the ultra-high setting with 60+ fps. Whereas the gtx 3070 works perfectly with AAA titles. You can play GTA 5 without upgrading the RAM in high settings gives +120 fps with fps drop due to thermal throttling. Thermals in the computer are OK and battery backup is good. You can get RGB effects but you have to download the hp light studio app or something like that.

    HP Omen 16 2021 Specifications

    There’s an option in the omen command center, for better performance play the game while charging. The external audio system is powered by Bang and Olufsen which according to us is the best. With the input of this laptop, you got a webcam, Touchpad as a pointer device, backlit keyboard, and internal mic. HP omen 16 launched on the 7th of Dec on Tuesday in India with the price of 1,39,999 according to Indian currency. It is the latest gaming laptop omen that comes with a highly efficient thermal management system that can help in down bringing down overheating issues up to a certain extent. The Windows-based HP Omen 16 (2021) comes with a 16.1-inch IPS display with an up to QHD (2560×1440 pixels) resolution, featuring a 16:9.

    The display of the laptop is quite basic and obscure and that will be the reason behind its negative reviews. HP will have to understand that if they are charging a huge amount for a gaming laptop then they will have to consider all the aspects. The display is one of the vital aspects on which a buyer looks first and HP has been failing on this for a long time. The display of Omen 16 comes with an eye-protection display certified by experts of Germany. The company declared that the laptop is lighter than another gaming laptop, its weight is around 2.3 kg. The processor used in this laptop is AMD RYZEN 9 5900HX. The point to be noted here, Omen series got a mediocre screen, from what we know, the lower tier available one in the USA with 1650 and 4600h, has 100srgb.

    HP Omen 16 2021 Price In India

    Omen series has always been the go-to choice for someone needing an impressive color gamut unlike its budget version of Pavilion Gaming (like MSI they got GL/GE/Alpha series or Dell in their Alienware lineup that mostly comes up with good color gamut). However, not for this series, too bad for this RX6600m, Hope that OMEN Series with 6600m could redeem this mess. That panel is a criminal act for the price it’s asking, but also feel so HP. They always do well in previous models then mess it up. They did turn around their stereotype of overheating in recent years. Unless HP has completed overhauled their manufacturing strategy (which doesn’t seem to be the case), they compromise heavily on build quality. So unless you want the greatest value-for-money gaming laptop that will last you only 2 years at best, we’d look elsewhere.

    Just an FYI, that HP now has the QHD screen configuration available to order off their website in Canada. Having said that, they’re asking $1,999 for it. At that price point, it opens up a lot of other laptop options (Legion 5 Pro, ROG Strix G15 AE, Zephyrus G15, Zephyrus M16, etc.). Despite being a gaming beast, HP omen 16 has some drawbacks which the company is ignoring in the earlier omen series too. Why do they advertise these things as having “up to” features and refuse to deliver the product to retailers and refuse to sell directly? Up to Radeon 6800M, up to Ryzen 9, up to this monitor that has good color reproduction, but we won’t sell it to you! This we believe is one of the reasons why many buyers choose Apple Computer, because when Apple says that the laptop has this screen and that CPU, they mean that it has this screen and that CPU, and it’s available as soon as it’s advertised, not months later or never.

    HP Omen 16 2021 Launched

    We have observed buyers waiting for several laptops from HP and others that were advertised and made available for reviews in January, but the laptops as advertised never arrived outside of Asia and the Middle East. Messages sent to the companies concerning this Vaporware problem have gone unanswered. It’s not a chip shortage, either, as Intel-based systems are available. The manufacturers need to be forthcoming with release dates instead of advertising products that they don’t intend to sell in particular markets. The frustration of going shopping for advertised products and ending up looking at stores in India, Bangladesh, China, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and Singapore makes us want to give up and buy Intel. By the time some of these laptops hit the market, AMD will be announcing the next generation of CPUs and GPUs.

    PC manufacturers need to stop advertising Vaporware! The Omen 17 has already been launched in many European countries and Omen 16 is now making its way to Asian markets. The company will have to look at these downsides and will have to change its marketing strategy. The thing is, buyers, expect a lot from gaming. Laptop and their expectation go in vain when they find issues in their newly bought gaming laptop. It is not about only HP, all mid-range laptops are not meant for high-end gaming. Laptops were never meant for gaming it was just a temporary replacement for desktops when you are not in range of your desktop. So don’t expect too much from a laptop for now maybe later laptop can compete with desktops.

    HP Omen 16 2021 Laptop

    It’s excellent that the 6600m is running at 100w in this machine. Along with a 6GB 3060 that was running out of texture memory using ultra settings. Now, if we can only get this 6600m in a laptop with a MUX switch, 16″ 1440p (or 1440×1200 resolution) 165Hz non-floppy panel, like the Legion 5 pro has. The CPU+cooling solution in the laptop doesn’t get above 80 degrees. This will irritate the hell out of you with fan noise at full load, then we’d be talking about a laptop.

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