Huawei Launches Petal Maps, Docs & Petal Search: Details Here

Huawei always aims at making its services available to all, as well as make life easier for all who use their devices. Therefore, it is no surprise that Huawei has come out with new features for helping people out with services like maps, documents, and better search technology! Petal Maps will be available in a number of locations and in a number of languages, as it has been designed to make the system of navigation easier for its consumers.

The application allows for services that show you your relative positions, and high clarity map displays to help you pinpoint where you are, and where you want to go next. You can also search for a list of places you want to go to, and use driving navigation to track your movements and ensure that you reach there safely. You can also make a list of your favorite places to avoid the inconvenience of constantly retyping where you want to go. The best part is that this application has been made available in over 140 countries and regions so that you can use this application almost anywhere in the world. 

Huawei Petal Maps

Huawei Docs has been made available in more than one hundred countries, by being launched in the App gallery. The application has been designed to allow you to work from your phone, using all the applications you would use on your laptop or your computer to make your jobs easier. The doc and PDF formats are just some of the examples of the 50 formats it supports, which will enable you to perform any urgent task simply by using your phone, instead of your laptop or computer.

The application has a PDF viewer, word, and spreadsheet processor in addition to all other features. Petal Search has been made available in 170 countries in over 50 languages so that it is made available to as many Huawei users as possible. The weather, calculator, and rate exchanger are made easily available so that you can access daily used information without taking much effort. Consumers can simply click a photo of an object that they want more information to receive it.

Huawei Docs

The new AI technology will allow you to surf the net based on the image clicked so that you are provided information in an easier and quicker manner. When you search for a particular area, the Petal search will customize the results by showing you searches that you might like or restaurants that you might try based on your previous search history.

The search results are not links, instead, you have information cards, which show you more detailed information about what a specific website talks about so that you can choose which website to open, and which is not what you are looking for. The application comes with a voice search feature to make the process easier to the extent that you do not even have to type out what you want to search for, instead, you can just dictate it to your phone, and receive the results of the search in a matter of seconds. 

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