Hyun Bin’s agency VAST Entertainment will be taking legal action against a photo book republication in Japan on September 7 without sans permission

    From Vass entertainment Hyun Bin’s agency to take legal action against a publication for photo book releasing in Japan sans permission. A photo book containing pictures from Hyun Bin’s time in the Marine Corps is being republished in Japan on September 7 without prior permission.

    The images in the photo book date back to the time of Marine Corps’ bin and the republic was inspired by CLOY’s immense popularity. In addition, the 37-year-old actor was seen playing the role of North Korean Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok in the K-drama, played by son Ye-Jin, played by South Korean heiress Yoon Se-ri.


    The same photo book was previously published as an electronic book in South Korea in 2012 and became available in an offline version in Japan in 2014 following an agreement with a Japanese publisher. Bin’s agency was excluded from the contract while the photos within the book were initially taken by the Marines as public use but ended up being purchasable. As government employees, military personnel, who were beans at the time, do not own their photo portrait rights.


    According to a source shared, via Soompi, Vast Entertainment On August 18 announced that it would take legal action against the Korean publishing house that allowed the book to be republished. “Just like in 2014, we didn’t hear anything about republication in Japan. We saw that it was available for pre-order on Amazon Japan and contacted the current publisher. The publisher was flustered and said that they thought that the Korean agency had already given permission”.


    From the Korean publication shared, “We are simply reissuing the content that was published five years ago without any new material. It’s about the Marine Hyun Bin, not the actor Hyun Bin, and was published under the agreement between the publisher and the Marines, so Hyun Bin’s previous and current agencies have nothing to do with it,” but against of this a source from the Marine Corps shared, “We first learned about the republication in Japan through news articles. The publisher did not make an agreement with the Marine Corps on this.”

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