‘Once I Wanted to Be the Mother of Sushant’s Child, Now I Want to Commit Suicide’ : Rhea Chakraborty

“Even though we weren’t talking about marriage, I wanted a little Sushant to come to me. I wanted to be the mother of sushant’s child, ”said Rhea Chakraborty, the main accused in Sushant.

She is now ‘Most Wanted’ in the eyes of the whole country! One allegation after another. Sushant Singh Rajput’s father also recently claimed, “Rhea poisoned my son to death. He is a murderer. Rhea and her entourage should be arrested immediately. ” Mumbai Police, Bihar Police, ED, CBI, Narcotics Control Bureau… Rhea plagued by multiple pressures. Faced with one interrogation after another, he remained silent despite constant threats of rape and murder.

She opened her mouth on a national TV channel on Thursday. She also said that she had suicidal thoughts in her head more than once. Speaking about her mental condition, Rhea Chakraborty said, “I also wanted to commit suicide. At least, that’s what my family and me going through now. The constant threats, the hatred, the talk of so many people, the thought of suicide came to my head. Someone should at least shoot and kill us, if they get peace. Even so, they have nothing to say about our future. ”

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Why did you open your mouth after so long? Rhea’s clear comment in response to this question, Sushant came to me in my dream and told me, “Tell the truth to everyone. What a relationship we had to let the whole world know. In fact, I did not say anything out of respect for Sushant. It is wrong to think of my silence as my weakness! ” Rhea was seen crying while talking in the interview. Sushant wanted to leave the film industry and go to Coorg in Karnataka to cultivate. He wanted to make a movie a year and live there normally. Rhea also said this.

If he loved Sushant so much, then why did he break up on 8th June and leave home? “Sushant became indifferent to me. Repeatedly told to go home. Because, I was sick myself, I was having mental problems too. On June 8, I had a therapy session with psychologists. I wanted to go there from Sushant’s house. But Sushant told me to leave earlier.

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She said, I have to get out of the house before his sister comes. Then I said, your sister Mitu (lives in Goregaon) will actually go. But I have to go out because of his stubbornness. No one in Sushant’s family liked me. He didn’t call me within 24 hours of I leaving. I thought he might not need me anymore. I also broke down. Asking Mr. Bhatt for advice, he said, “Stay strong thinking about your father.”

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