India in Preparation for Launching Corona Vaccine,Instructed the States to Create a Three Tier System for Delivery

Probably the corona vaccine is coming to the country’s market soon. Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan has written a letter to the states and union territories instructing them to set up a three-tier system for distribution of corona vaccine.

covid vaccine

At the same time, he said, there should be no speculation about when this vaccine will come in the market. Bhushan wrote in the letter, this vaccine will last for 1 year, first it will be given to the health workers, then others will get it.

For this, a center is going to be set up for Covid-19 Vaccination Beneficiary Management System or CVBMS. As a result, vaccines will be distributed smoothly, and multiple committees will be set up to update the health workers’ database.

It is learned that the three tiers will consist of a State Steering Committee headed by the Chief Secretary, a State Task Force, headed by the Chief Secretary of the Health Department and a District Task Force headed by the District Governor.

The State Steering Committee must meet at least once a month, the State Task Force at least once every 15 days, and the District Task Force at least once a week.

It is learned that this corona vaccine will be distributed little by little initially, it will be decided which groups will be given it first. Then everyone else will get.

Various corona vaccines are now in the final stages of trial, so the government hopes to get the necessary clearances for the final vaccine soon. Four corona vaccines are currently being tested in India at various stages.

Two of these are made in the India, the other two are contracted by domestic pharmaceutical companies.

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