Indian Army is Always Ready, Amit Shah Countered Jinping’s Call for Chinese Troops to “Prepare for War”

Despite Chinese President Xi Jinping’s call for the Chinese military to be ready for war, Amit Shah said the Indian military was always ready to face any kind of aggression.

Amit Shah

Although he did not directly raise the issue of Jinping. In an interview to a news channel, the Union Home Minister said that every country is ready for war. That is the purpose of keeping the army, that is, to respond to any aggression. I’m not saying this in terms of any particular comment, but India’s defense is always ready.

Recently, Jinping called on Chinese troops to prepare mentally for the war. It is learned that he also asked them to maintain high alert, adding that they must be loyal, sincere and trustworthy.

The Chinese president has called on India and China to be prepared for the ongoing conflict along the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh.

However, Shah also went on to clarify India’s position on counter-terrorism, saying talks between the two countries’ armed forces were still ongoing.

But no one will be able to occupy even an inch of our land. “We are vigilant, no one has the power to snatch even an inch of land from us,” he said.

Amit Shah also said “Our intentions are great and the army will not bow down to anyone”.

The seventh round of military talks between India and China has been positive and constructive since last Tuesday, the two countries’ forces said in a joint statement on Tuesday.

But there is no prospect of a quick withdrawal from the conflict-torn area of ​​eastern Ladakh. The two countries have sincerely agreed to follow the consensus of their leadership not to allow differences of opinion to turn into disputes and debates.

According to reliable sources, no significant progress has been made in withdrawing troops from the conflict-torn areas of East Ladakh. The Indian and Chinese armies have been fighting there for the last five months.

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