Indian Army is Getting Ready to Fight for 15 Consecutive Days

    The decision to stockpile arms and ammunition in preparation for war in India for 15 consecutive days. According to an all-India daily, the process of stockpiling arms and ammunition has already begun. At the same time, efforts are being made to import Indian technology and arms from abroad to strengthen the Indian forces. The central government is ready to spend around 50,000 crore for this. The Center is keeping an eye on the way tensions are rising on the Sino-Pakistani border so that the three Indian forces can fight for 15 consecutive days. Incidentally, a review of the situation after the Uri attack shows that India has a huge deficit in its arsenal. The three forces were then given special powers to increase their armaments.

    Earlier, there were supplies for 40 days of continuous fighting. At present, it has been reduced to 10 days, according to official sources. As a result, the Ministry of Defense has stepped up to improve the situation. On the other hand, Chief of Army Staff Bipin Rawat assured the people about the tension on the China-Pakistan border.

    The standoff situation is maintained in Ladakh even in severe winters. In this situation, the Chinese forces have seen new activities from the side of Tibet. India is keeping an eye on the whole situation. However, Chief of Army Staff Bipin Rawat, who came to attend a function in Kolkata, said there was no reason to worry. India is fully prepared to deal. He added that the Indian Army would do its utmost to protect the country’s territory. Whether it is land, water and airspace. On the other hand, Pakistan is also violating the ceasefire.

    In this regard, the army chief said, “The way we have taken one step after another, the opposition is more concerned than us.” In his words, the Indian Army faces multiple challenges today. We are fighting militants, fighting smuggling at sea. And in doing so, we have become increasingly self-reliant. India is now building high quality warships. Now our strength has increased.

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