India’s First Android 11 SmartTV Launched By TCL: Details Here

Many technology-related companies are in the hustle to advance further to reach the zenith of advancement by producing high-tech devices, whether it is a smartphone, personal computers, or any household appliances. In this may companies get recognition and become a household brand while many remain consistent and unnoticed quite a lot, even though these unnoticed companies belong to the prominent and famous corporation. One of these companies is TCL, TCL Corp. is commonly invested in researching, developing, manufacturing, and selling mostly multimedia and music electronic products, personal computers, mobile phones, household appliances, telephones, electrical engineering products, and IT products. TCL was founded in 1981 and its headquarter is in Guangdong, China.”

TCL has a long back history of inconsistent growth, through ups and downs it has remained consistent in revenue growth. TCL technology got its foundation in 1981 and incorporated a little later in 1985 as TCL Telecommunication Equipment Co Ltd, which is now known for its world-class electronic goods and telecommunication devices. Although TCL started manufacturing consumer electronics devices in the 1980s, its expansion of business and export literally started from 2000s to the overseas. At the time of its inception, TCL was a state-owned enterprise, further TCL gets enrolled in a joint venture with numerous Hong Kong-based companies.

TCL P725 Launched

So at first While TCL’s large percentage of consumers are from china for a certain period since its inception and TCL used to manufacture electronic goods based on its consumer orientation based in the mainland, but as time passes, TCL has emerged as one the biggest tech giant of china which export its goods around the globe especially known for its televisions as for  TCL exports televisions all over the world, with a strong customer base in the US, Europe, Australia, and SE Asia. Recently TCL Electronics has launched its first 2021 TV model P725 today. The brand-new TV is ascertained to be India’s first TV based on Android 11 TV with an external camera for video calling, this seems something new for a smart TV to come with the pre-equipped camera.


Talking about the design the TCL has a Flat rectangular design, apart from that it is available in four different screen size variants, these are 43″, 50″, 55″, 65″ (in inches).  The TCL P725 smart tv has an inbuilt tuner of version DVB-T2/S2/C. ).  The TCL P725 smart TV has inbuilt WIFI (Wi-Fi 5 – 802.11ac) to enjoy entertainment content via the internet. The TCL P725 smart TV has wall mounting functionality with VESA (VESA usually means the distance (in mm) between the mounting holes on the back of a TV. VESA standards are used for TV mounts and mounting systems compatibility. The TCL P725 smart TV has two USB ports for a plethora of different uses like, to transfer data, to enjoy media or movies on TV through external drives.

TCL P725 4K Android TV

Now let’s have a quick reference on the visual and display features of The TCL P725 smart TV. The display technology used in The TCL P725 smart TV is predominantly LCD. LCD (Liquid crystal display) are mostly consisting of a substance that is over the due course remain in a liquid state permanently but has some properties rendered to crystal solids. A Liquid crystal display is a subsidiary device, which means it doesn’t have any inherent ability to produce any light to display characters, images, videos, and animations. But it simply refracts and alters the light passing through it. The core construction of LCD explains how the light goes through the different phenomena of alteration and when it passes through it to produce any characters, images, etc.

LCD screens are minute bifurcation of very tiny square dimensions, known as pixels, which can be referred as to be the primary source of image display. LCDs have numerous layers, where two panels, made of glass material free of sodium, these panels are called the substrate, play a crucial role. There’s a thin layer of liquid crystals between the substrate. The panels have to give directional motion to crystals, which is the primary reason for the distinctive orientation of LCD. In short, LCDs are most preferred after LED and have a long life and low power consumption, and better viewing angle at a certain angle.  The TCL P725 has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels (4K) and a 16:9 aspect ratio. The display supports up to 60Hz refresh rate, apart from that it strings up to 15ms input lag, MEMC, and micro dimming.

TCL P725 Android 11 TV

Last but not least on the display section, the screen covers more than 75% of the DCI-P3 color gamut and supports HDR standards like HDR10 as well as Dolby Vision for better cinematic experience and enhanced audio driver for thrilling surround sound in the context. For the time being The TCL P725, Smart TV render a metal frame and premium design. They are powered by a quad-core processor, although the chipset variant and brand are not known till now, and also The TCL P725 Smart TV paired with an unknown dual-core GPU. The TCL P725 Smart TV runs on Android 11 operating system with TCL Channel (content integration launcher like Mi provide patch well, TCL Channel is another feather to the cap to the Android TV UI much like Xiaomi and Oneplus tv models) apart from that it has Google Assistant (via remote control), Google Chromecast, Google Play Store, and it can run and support all the online stream and popular stream services avail in India.

The most unique feature of the TCL P725 Smart Tv is the presence of the camera. The camera can be used for different functions like google Duo video calls and one can use it for video conferences for office work as well as for family and friends. Although the camera has a shutter and it can be even detached purposely when there is no use for it, it has a detachable module to plug in and plug off the camera depending on the purpose. Now let us have a vivid configuration on the connectivity options in The TCL P725 Smart Tv, On the connectivity segment, The TCL P725 Smart Tv series support dual-band WiFi, along with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, ethernet (RJ45), AV, RF, 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x HDMI 2.1 with ARC/EARC, and 2 x HDMI 2.0.apart from that, in the audio section, The TCL P725 Smart Tv comes with 2 x 12W speakers (24W) with support for Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD.

Android 11 TCL P725 TV

TCL P725 Smart TV series has the latest technologically advanced support engine that is AiPQ Engine. According to the sources from TCL technology, the “chipset used in the TCL P725 Smart TV series enforce TCL algorithm processes content in real-time, which means it can detect the environment and diversify display and audio according to the surrounding and environment”. TCL P725 Smart TV series also registered to optimize the picture based on the content it receives from the sources. The TCL P725 Smart TV series also render an audio compositional effect of MEMC (Motion Estimation & Motion Compensation) for those that prefer the soap opera effect and live concert experience in the living room, a throttling experience of the sound system can be enjoyed in TCL P725 Smart TV series while sitting on the couch in the room.

The build quality of the TCL P725 Smart TV series is quite rigid and solid as it is based completely on a solid metal frame, but for the context, it also has a layer of moisture protection, moisture and dust resistant coating on the back gives it an added advantage to get protected against moisture in the rainy season and components and hardware of the TCL P725 Smart TV series will be stay protected, and it can render additional support to the framework of the TV, on the back it looks like the TV has a pyramid design rear panel for “added armor” like protection. Now talking about the price and buying options The TCL P725 Smart TV series is available in 4 screen size variants. The 43-inch TCL P725 is priced at Rs 41,990. The 50-inch variant is priced at Rs 56,990 while the 55-inch variant is priced at Rs 62,990. The 65-inch TCL P725 is priced at Rs 89,990, apart from that all four variants can be bought through the Amazon e-shopping site, and the 65inch variant is Amazon exclusive.

TCL P725 SmartTV

In conclusion, the TCL P725 Smart TV series seem to bring some revolutionizing advancement in the smart Tv category, and apart from that it has a solid body build and rigid structure which gives it durability and media zenith device in the Smart TV category, so we can hope to see some more models and electronic device introduction for its consumers in coming years as TCL company is compelled to improve its research and developments.

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