iOS 14 Explained: New Features, Widgets, Default-Apps and Many More

Apple has recently launched the iOS 14 operating system upgrade with a ton of additional features to improve security and privacy. At its WWDC conference in June, Apple announced several of these recent iPhone functions. It launches iOS 14 which has already been installed as a device upgrade by all eligible iPhone users. The most recent update of iOS contains multiple user interface updates such as home screen widgets and includes new features like app library, translate function, and many more. You should take a glance at the new functions of iOS 14 that we have mentioned on this page and start setting up your iPhone today to enjoy all of these functions.

iOS 14 New Features

You have to upgrade the iPhone to the software release of iOS 14 before everything else. First, go to the Settings of your iOS device, then scroll down and click on General Settings, go all the way to the bottom, and click on the Software Update button. You must confirm that all the data is backed up and the handset is attached to a secure WiFi network before downloading the iOS 14 upgrade. For each iOS 13 compliant phones, the great news is that iOS 14 is available for all iOS 13 devices as well. This includes the iPhone 6S and iPod touch of the new and seventh generation. You must be asked to automatically upgrade your iOS software but can also manually check for the update from Settings -> General -> Software Update.

Top iOS 14 Features That You Must Try After The Upgrade

Home Screen Widgets

iOS 14 Widgets

iOS 14 will come with home screen widgets that were updated to make them more elegant and rich in details so that they can be really useful all day long. You can add widgets on a glimpse anywhere on the home screen. Ideal to monitor your travel events, task, or schedule. To enjoy them even more and utilize the entire room on your home screen, you can add up to 10 widgets. You can easily drag and move one widget over the other widget.

More Privacy Options

iOS 14 Privacy Features

iOS 14 is equipped with enhanced app authorization monitoring, Safari will also block website trackers by default along with third-party mic alerts and camera access. Camera & Mic Alerts will appear next to the WLAN icon which will alert you if an app uses your device’s camera in the background (green dot) or microphone (orange dot). You can now limit applications to use a nearby location instead of a specific one. This is not the end, but iOS 14 will also alert you if an application accesses the clipboard data and will also tell you about the app from which the data was collected.

Search Function

iOS 14 Search Feature

By using the search feature, you will find the most relevant search results, such as applications, contacts, information and map locations, and websites. The search field will start showing the results as you start typing and will start giving the search recommendations too. It’s now easier than ever to browse the internet too using the search function. You just need to type in something in the search field and it will start showing you the related websites and tips for web search at the top, with a single tap, it will open Safari for a detailed search engine result.

New Memoji

iOS 14 New Memoji

Memoji in iOS 14 has new ages that allow you to change your appearance, whether it is baby-faced, teenager, or in-between. Reconstructed facial and muscle systems are also more realistic with the Memoji and Memoji stickers. Now there are thirteen coatings in which you can put hairs on the side of your Memoji face, allowing you to represent your look. 3 new Memoji stickers are also added which allows you to give your friends a hug, a fist bump, or even a blush face.

Translate In 11 Languages

iOS 14 Languages

iOS 14 also has an advanced language translation feature that automatically detects the actual language entered by the user and translate the text right away and shows a translated audio for the same. Just by pressing the microphone button, you can start saying anything to it and the feature will translate the said sentences or words for you. There is also a Conversation Mode available that works with the downloaded languages when you don’t have an active internet in your device. The translate feature currently works with 11 languages combinations.

Final Words

Although iOS 14 is not bug-free, it would be far away from the complications that we experienced when iOS 13 arrived. It really is one of the most impressive iOS updates in recent years. In this respect, it is best to wait a couple of days before creators catch up and fix the issues on iOS 14 with third party applications in particular.

Introducing that iOS 14.2 is now in beta, Apple has shocked everybody. Apart from quality testing (apparently for no particular reason), suddenly Apple began offering iOS and iPadOS betas separate version numbers relative to release, so it’ll be doubtful to get iOS 14.2 in a few weeks. In spite of all of the bugs, we still assume the designated bug patch iOS 14.0.1 to come earlier.

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