iPhone 13 Series Launched: How To Pre-Order, Prices, Features & More

    After a lot of speculation and rumors, Apple has finally launched iPhone 13. The brand new Apple smartphone has been launched on 14th September. Apple iPhone 13 has been launched in four models and these models have distinct qualities and features which makes these newly launched smartphones a perfect choice for buyers. Apple has launched Apple iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 pro max, and Apple iPhone 13 mini. The fact that on the base models the lenses are arranged diagonally as opposed to vertically is truly game changing, a revolution of the camera compartment. In the launch event, Apple has disclosed the enhanced camera and better display quality in the iPhone 13. The best part of the entire keynote was Apple bragging about the antenna lines being made out of recycled plastic soda bottles.

    So the fact they specifically used soda bottles for specifically making antenna lines makes it an INDUSTRY FIRST and they were proud of that. The Apple iPhone 13 will be available to buy from 24th September. People can buy the Apple iPhone 13 from Amazon as well as Flipkart in India. In this article, we will discuss all the facts, features, and demerits of the Apple iPhone 13. So let us start without wasting any further time. The only thing that lures the customer toward a smartphone is its design, so we predict things like the design and look of an upcoming smartphone a lot. Sometimes, a company just wants to improve on one thing, but not the design. Take the iPhone X for example. It took Apple 10 years to finally make that cool, no home button, all screen, design for their phone.

    iPhone 13 Pre Orders

    You can imagine it will take at least 5 years for Apple to make that big of a difference in their phone design. Apple used to think this: “If it looks nice, people will buy it.” That statement is partially true, but Apple used to be at the top in hardware in their computers and phones. They had all of the best chips and the bestlooking phones on the market. But all of that ended when Tim Cook became CEO. Everything became outdated, and phone design became outdated, hardware became outdated, and the golden age of Apple faded away. It is the official statement from Apple, iPhone 13 comes with a touch id. It is just a discussion. Since 2017 iPhone touch id is not used, iPhone has a face ID. It uses a screen camera for the face.

    Touch id uses an advanced capacitative sensor. Apple removed the charger in the box with their iPhone 12 series and this trend clearly shows the plan apple in terms of charging their smartphones and in my opinion, one of the iPhones in the iPhone 13 series is going to be portless. Earlier tech experts have predicted that the upcoming iPhone 13 may come up with both face id and under display touch id because due to pandemic many people’s start wearing masks and due to this cause the face don’t work well and we hope apple will find a solution for this cause with under-display fingerprint technology. Apple has included a “slightly bigger” wireless charging coil in iPhone 13 lineup, which will not only yield improved heat management and higher wattage but could be paving the way towards reverse wireless charging.

    iPhone 13 Pricing

    Weinbach also speculates that the increased coil size could be used for reverse wireless charging, which would enable users to charge wireless charging compatible devices, such as AirPods, by placing them on the back of the iPhone. iPhone 13 arrive with a smaller notch as compared last 4 year iPhone’s and it doesn’t mean that iPhone 13 does not have a face id. The latest iPhone 13 has some distinct features, these features are truly fabulous and worth appreciating:

    • The iPhone 13 has an even better battery life as compared to the last released iPhone.
    • The new iPhone 13 has been launched in some unique colors.
    • Touch ID on the sleep/wake button in addition to Face ID so you will never have to worry about unlocking your phone securely in any possible situation (or in the display, but the display is usually terrible).
    • Miniaturized Face ID (if only they can make it smaller without any compromise on security and reliability) so the notch gets smaller.
    • Faster Face ID, and capable of detecting face masks, still without any compromise on security and reliability.
    • Better cameras, you can never get a good enough camera. Nowadays, talking about a phone sounded like talking about a camera. As if photography is the main function of a phone. The Apple iPhone 13 also comes with cinematic mode. The best thing about the Cinematic Mode for video is you can change the focus and depth of field after the fact.

    iPhone 13 Features

    It seems like the Apple display would appear to be an order of magnitude better. If Apple would just drop the top of its display; plus, the company mouthpiece could then proudly proclaim that they’ve “gotten rid of the notch altogether!” That face… something that everyone keeps going on about (“best in the WORLD!!!”). We can concede that it’s better than the same feature on my midrange Samsung A51 5G. But and here’s the thing, who cares if a feature is the best in the world if lesser examples are more than good enough? What defines best in this, anyway? Do we mean in what way is it the best? The device which can scan your face in .0002 seconds instead of the .8 seconds that a conventional phone does?

    The battery capacity has been increased of the iPhone 13 has been increased. That’s generally a plus. If you have a traveling instinct and you hardly get time to charge your phone then apple has finally come with a reliable solution. You will have a phone with a battery that lasted longer than two days plus an hour or three. There are other things to like, possibly a lot of people love about Apple iPhones. But experts haven’t seen anything significant enough to convince them to switch. The expense of switching is a factor, although in three years when the security update support. You’ll be looking for a new phone, anyway, and it’ll be less of a factor than switching now (although Apple phones do seem to be rather more expensive, in general, so it’ll still be somewhat of a factor). Then there’s the thought of having to learn a new OS.

    iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max

    We assume that would only be a minor hassle because We have seen genuine conventional users of apple using them (although they seem to fill their displays with app icons, for some reason, instead of keeping them in their “app drawer” or whatever it’s called, or at least organizing them into a small number of folders). In short, we can say that When Apple has features they don’t change shape, and when they don’t have features they change shape. It’s great that the iPhone 13 has an enormous capability of refocusing the video that you have taken before. Although the systems/internal features are updated every year, Apple cannot expect the consumers to pay 700800 dollars for every small system or storage update.

    There is no difference in design that matters the most. The launch of the latest iPhone 13 also came with some disappointment because the whole world is coping with the coronavirus pandemic and we are bound to use mask 24*7. Even with everyone wearing masks, still no fingerprint Authentication. Apple just doesn’t care about customers, because they are not selling tech, they are selling fashion accessories. We mean seriously, they focused on cinematic video and never bothered to add a fingerprint scanner. Furthermore, Apple has abstained from performing the same mistake again. Well, the problem is last year they made the nonpro iPhone so good that there was no reason to buy the pro model. Now they have finally differentiated them enough so that the pro is a solid upgrade.

    iPhone 13 Colors

    The iPhone 13 pro has new things included, though it takes a lot of storage, there is an increase in the storage up to 1TB(1TB is the high end one), thus apple increases storage and makes their phones professional and gives the phones a wide range of possibilities. While on the look and design perspective, Apple always said they shifted the camera to make room for a larger battery not to make it look different. Apple has never been concerned about looking different (for example, the iPhone 6, 6S,7, 8, and the 2020 SE all look the same also the x, xs, xs max). The same we can witness in the iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 models. Tech experts have said that a trillion dollar company advertising itself as an Innovative and tech research leader and offering nothing new for a couple of years and still increasing price just to market it as a better device than previous.

    This could have been updated in IOS rather than the new series. The only new thing is the 120Hz display and Android phones have had them for a year. There is a fact in the updated refresh rate display of the Apple iPhone 13. Apple is offering ” Pro Motion 120Hz” in the iPhone 13 and it is NOT the same as having a 120Hz display. The display still only refreshes at 60Hz ( 60 times per second) unless watching videos and then when it’s ” Needed”, the display will then refresh 120Hz (120 Times per second). This Pro Motion 120Hz technology is completely different from the conventional 120Hz display in flagship smartphones. Upgrades to the battery life, screen, and camera are always selling points. It’s cool that the processors get better too.

    iPhone 12 vs iPhone 13

    One of the famous techs YouTuber has said that “Steve Jobs launched the original iPhone with a presentation that looked like it was put together in the cab ride over, but it didn’t matter, because ultimately the technology spoke for itself”. The statement truly stands to its point because there are very limited differences are there between Apple iPhone 13 and Apple iPhone 12. When a company tries to “wow” you with pointless cinematography and hollow “percentage” figures, you know the product/tech is lacking. It all depends upon perspective and usage of the phone, we can’t just point to the makers. There are variations in the choices of the people. Some people need every feature available to man to enjoy their phone, those in the Apple ecosystem love the “simple” aspects of the phone, the cool little QOL features.

    Coming to the price, the mini version of the Apple iPhone 13 will cost around Rs. 70000 and it will go up to Rs. 1,30,000 for the pro max version of the iPhone 13. Apple doesn’t need any review, they are open to suggestions and improves in every perfect way they can and do you think the new improvements come cheap from a comparison with Android, apple phones have much better gaming speed, their camera lenses, picture-perfect quality pictures, a bigger battery life,120hz refresh rate, new cinematic mode for the little geniuses. Apple is way ahead of the competition. And as a multicorporate company, their regards to not to give chargers is greatly appreciated by the way in case of environmental impacts of the APPLE company as a whole. Charging speeds needs to be checked but else while APPLE IS APPLE.

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