IPL 2021 Phase 2 Likely To Be Played In UAE: Details Here

Cricket is more than a game for Indian fans. It is like a celebration for the fans which unite them on a single platform. This game has a fan following from every age group. Cricket is watched by almost everyone in India so it doesn’t matter whether a person is in his old age or in his adolescence. The hype of cricket in India is always on the next level. Cricket matches are considered a festival in our country and cricketers are worshipped as gods. The emotional connection of citizens of India towards cricket is can’t be explained in mere words. There are three main formats of cricket being played in India.

These are one-day matches, test matches, and T20’s. One day match is of 50 overs, each team gets 50 overs to play and the highest scorer wins the match. Test match has no limits of overs, it is played for five continuous days. Each day, the batting team will get six hours to play while the bowling team will have 90 overs. Two innings are played between two teams, in the innings the team who scores higher, that team will be the winner. The test match is a kind of long and pretty boring.     In the fast-pacing world, everyone wants to adapt to with the change. Nowadays, very few people have five to six hours to invest in watching sports on television or smart device. T20 (twenty-twenty) is a format of cricket in which every team gets twenty hours to play. The T20 game hardly lasts for more than two hours.

IPL 2021 Phase 2

It is the most appreciated and enjoyed form of cricket. The rapid score by the batsman and back-to-back wickets taken by a bowler is just amazing to watch. T20 has totally diverted the meaning of cricket and gave it a new identity. IPL (Indian Premier League) is quite famous format of cricket tournament. Every year IPL held at a scheduled time. People wait for the Indian premier league eagerly. Cricketers from different countries participate in this tournament. These players are enrolled in a team by auction. Watch ipl on Buffstream.

IPL 2021 began in the month of April. Everything was going fine and fans were exhilarated to watch their favorites teams and players on the ground. The whole series of IPL 2021 was in the middle of its course when covid-19 jolted the whole country drastically. Daily covid-19 cases were crossing one lakh mark in India. Players were in fear to get infected with the virus. Among fear and contention, the game was marching forward with excitement and enthusiasm. But everything changed after 5th may 2021. Some of the players of Kolkata knight riders were found to be infected with covid-19. After that few more players were started getting positive and a wave of fear started spreading over the whole tournament. BCCI came into action and decided to intervene in the tournament. The cricket management board of India decided to halt the ongoing tournament in the mid-way owing to the health concern of the players. After long hours of meeting and deliberation, the management decided to suspend IPL2021 until further notice.

Rescheduling of IPL 2021 | IPL 2021 Dubai UAE

Almost thirty matches and four knockouts match were left when BCCI has suspended IPL2021. Now the management authority has decided to resume the left matches in the United Arab Emirates in the month of September and October. BCCI will announce further details about the resume of the tournament and the proper schedule on May 29. Further detail will be provided regarding the IPL 2021 after the general meeting of management authority on 29th may. Another cricket series has already been scheduled in the month of august between India and England.

IPL 2021 Phase 2 Schedule

The test series will have a gap of nine days after each test match inning. The management will decide on 29th may, whether to reduce the gap of nine-day to four. So that extra days can be utilized afterward in the preparation of IPL 2021. The general meeting will be held with the collaboration of the England cricket board to talk to reduce the gap between each inning. All the further updates and details regarding upcoming tournaments and suspended tournaments will be known only after the special general meeting.

IPL 2021 Phase 2 Will Have A 30-day Window Available

In the general meeting between BCCI and ECB, if ECB restrains to stand with the offer of BCCI to reduce the gap between each inning. Phase-2 of IPL 2021 will only have 30 days in hand to complete the halted tournament. The 30-day window will be from September 15 to October 15. In the second phase, almost 30 matches are still left to be played. It will be really hard for the management authority to manage thirty matches along with four knocks in mere thirty days. The BCCI has revealed that the authority will try their best to convince ECB to agree on reducing the gap between each inning in the upcoming test series.

If the agreement is successfully accepted by both the Cricket board then there will be no hurdle in resuming IPL 2021. If the agreement didn’t stand rigid on the viewpoint of the ECB, then it will be really hard for BCCI to manage 30 matches in such a short period. The rescheduling process to adjust matches in such a short period of the day will be really hard. It will take a day for the India team to reach the froing soil to participate in the tournament. If ECB accepts the proposal of BCCI, the management authority will have a week or more time to schedule the leftover matches of suspended IPL 2021. All 30 matches will be held at the scheduled time and each team will have proper time to prepare for their matches. Even two matches of IPL 2021 schedule in a day then also BCCI will have seven days in extra.

IPL 2021 Phase 2 Venue

The extra days from the gap of nine-day can be adjusted at the beginning and end of the IPL 2021 phase -2. It will help the players and teams to adapt and practice further for their matches. These all predictions and schedules of IPL 2021 phase 2 depend upon the acceptance of the proposal by ECB. If the England cricket board welcomes the proposal of BCCI then everything will be smoothly settled according to the above-mentioned schedule. In a further statement, BCCI stated that the knockout round of the IPL 2021 will have only four teams. So, the rest of the team who will not be able to reach the knockout round or get knocked out can send their players back to their respective country to prepare for the T20m world cup. The benefit of IPL is that it will work like a warm-up for the player to be ready for the T20 world 2021 edition. The T20 world cup is scheduled to begin on 18th October 2021.

The current pandemic situation and second wave of the covid-19 had hit the ongoing IPL 2021. Players from different teams were getting affected and the management authority had to stoppedIPL2021 in the middle. BCCI has no option other than to stop the IPL in the middle. Players from other countries were in fear to get infected with the coronavirus. Home countries of foreign players have restricted their players to enter the country owing to the severe increment of covid cases in India. As everything returns to its normalcy. Management has decided to resume the suspended IPL2021.

The move to resume IPL is really appreciating but the management authority must have to be conscious of the health of players. From the sources of the Indian medical association, it has been revealed that the third wave of Covid-19 may hit India in the month of August or September. BCCI has decided to resume IPL2021 in the month of September 2021. Let’s hope nothing like the third wave hit our country and we all could cheer for our favourite team without any fear and just the game of cricket.

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