iQOO 8 Launch Confirmed- Features, Specs, Price In India and More

    When it comes to smartphones, there are a number of companies that exist in this world that have taken over the smartphone industry and they ruled from the top. But many times we see that some small company that does not even have a proper level of advertising, jumps up to the level of the gods in this industry. We have seen how Xiaomi rose to the top among the two major giants and this is exactly what is happening right now because a new phone from the company iQOO is going to be launched and we have every detail on the same in the report that you are currently reading right now. But before we jump on to the report let us discuss what the company is and what it represents. The company is said to be a branch of the Chinese giant Vivo and it was separated from the company in 2019.

    The company iQOO has now completely shifted itself from its parent company and it exists now as a separate company. The company was founded 3 years ago and in just 3 years it has risen to the top of the list of companies that have the highest selling smartphones in China. The company released a number of smartphones and the smartphone which we are going to talk about in this report has been anticipated for a while now because it was rumoured to have many features that have been taken from different smartphone companies. We will discuss everything related to the same in detail in the upcoming paragraphs. With regards to this phone, the anticipation increased with the release of the trailer of the smartphone where it is seen to be coming out of lava, which is set to be released in China soon.

    iQOO 8 Launch Date

    Let us look at the specifications and everything related to the phone in detail. The first thing that we need to realize when it comes to this phone is that the company is not hiding anything from its users. This means that it won’t be like how Apple is regarding its disclosure policy for the time when it would be released to the general public. This company has actually revealed when the phone would be launched and where it would be launched. The phone is set to launch in China and the date that is specified for the launch is said to be 17th August. So it is just a few days away and you would be able to get your hands on the phone if you have any means to import the same from China. There are some people that have queries related to this phone because of the fact that it is the centre of attraction in silicon valley.

    For people like that, let me announce here that the company iQOO has geared itself up for a while now, with regards to this phone. So, the special thing here is that the phone is going to be on a flagship level. When we talk about flagship phones, it is not always about advertisement and having 6 or 7 camera lenses or anything like that, it is about whether the phone can be used by the local population and whether it would be worthy of being an eye-catcher because it should sell and not gather dust in the manufacturing department. Although smartphones which are present at the flagship level are always costlier than regular phones due to the fact that so much capital goes into the advertisement of this phone which increases its value. But, the company iQOO has launched this phone which would be affordable to the general public.

    iQOO 8 Specifications

    This is the first time that we are hearing something that would be cheap and would be of better quality. If you want to understand how big the anticipation of this phone was you can check the news before August and you would understand how much people were getting on the specifications and everything related to the smartphone. Also, there were many people who actually predicted the launch date of the phone because there were so many rumours with respect to Vivo’s sub-brand. Usually, a smartphone is not shown to the general population because of the fact that it could be copied and a Chinese variant of the same could be released in the market. Not to sound racist but most of the copy versions of phones from Apple or Samsung comes from China and this is why many companies are afraid to launch their phone in front of the local customers.

    But, this is not a problem with respect to companies that are from China itself. Because there is a convention which is held in China where many companies compete with each other to display their products. This is exactly where the company iQOO revealed its product which is known as the iQOO 8. We have seen the predecessors of this smartphone and we can confirm the fact that they are a different class of their own. You won’t even realise the fact as to how much class and quality is present in this smartphone because when it was revealed there were many people who actually used the phone to gauge its usability and everything. This release was held at the Shanghai convention in China and the phone was available for the general public to use.

    iQOO 8 Price In India

    But the actual phone which would be released was not given to the local public but was actually wrapped inside a plastic case so that you can only catch a glimpse of what would be available when the phone would be launched. Punch holes display something which is a unique characteristic to Vivo and thus its sub-brand has adopted the same and you would find a punch-hole camera when you look at the phone. Although the phone wasn’t available to the general population to use and experience beforehand there was something more that was given in the convention held in Shanghai. These were the specifications that were released by the company explaining what all the smartphone contains inside. Let’s look at the specifications of the iQOO 8 in detail. The first thing that I would like to start from is probably the best thing in this smartphone.

    If you look at the specifications which were released by the company you would understand that there is something which has cloned the minds of every tech enthusiast due to the fact that it is the first of its kind. If you have a guest right now then let me illuminate you on this topic because you are missing out a great deal. The Samsung E5 AMOLED display would be present in the new phone. Can you even imagine the consequences of this release? It would literally change the outlook of the whole industry and the whole silicon valley because this would be the first smartphone to have this kind of display inside. The South Korean company Samsung which made the display hasn’t even used the same in their own phones so this would be something that would have never been seen before.

    iQOO 8 Features

    And it would not just be the display of this phone that would make you uneasy on your seat because there are a number of things which I haven’t even counted yet. Now, after the display, I would like to tell you about its processor because it is also something which has turned many heads towards this company, and here I am talking about the shares and the market value of this company. The iQOO 8 has a Snapdragon 888+ processor so you won’t have to worry about all your gaming issues. This is a bit surprising, considering the fact that the smartphone is made by a Chinese company and yet it does not have MediaTek but rather the Qualcomm Snapdragon. Since I am counting everything that is positive about this phone let me also explain about one simple thing that would feel a bit of considering everything with respect to the phone.

    The thing is, this phone does not have a headphone jack and some people won’t be happy with this decision. However, if you consider the fact that the smartphone is being launched by stating that it is a flagship-level phone then it is not a surprise that it should not contain the headphone jack. The iQOO 8 has 12 GB RAM and 256 GB of internal memory. Now there are rumours that there would be a simpler variant available where it would have 8GB RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. With respect to the 12 GB of RAM that you get inside this phone is something that would speed up the phone to almost the speed of light with regards to other simpler phones with 4 to 6 GB of RAM. You can literally play games like PUBG or Call Of Duty simultaneously by splitting screens. There is also the function of 120 Hz refresh rate so be prepared to have a phone that has a display like a hot knife on butter. The phone would be launched on August 17th so make sure that you attend the launch event so that you get more insights about the phone.

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