Israeli-Palestinian Clashes, More Than 200 Killed in a Week

    Israel-Palestine conflict continues for seven days. Gaza has been reduced to rubble by a series of rocket attacks. Meanwhile, Hamas militants in Palestine are desperate to break the hard armor of Israel’s security. They are also continuing to attack in the dark of night. And 200 civilians have been killed in this week-long bloody conflict. Yet there is no sign of stopping the conflict.

    Israeli-Palestinian Clashes

    Israel fired dozens of rockets at Gaza between Sunday and Monday morning. The bombing started on Sunday morning. A total of 42 people, including at least 10 women and 8 children, were killed in today’s attack, according to the Gaza administration.

    After the attack, the whole area has practically turned into a mortuary. One of the rescuers was seen shoving his head into the rubble, shouting, “Is anyone there?” Can you hear me? ”But he could not answer anyone. He was later seen pulling an injured man out of there. This picture shows the horror of the attack.

    Israeli-Palestinian war

    Gazan Mani Kazat, a resident of West Gaza, is shocked to describe the horrors. One rocket after another hit the Gaza Strip around 2 am on Sunday. The whole area shook like an earthquake. “They say they are attacking militants,” he told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But we are being attacked. We are not the army or the militants. Ordinary people of the country. ”

    Official estimates say 197 people have been killed in Israeli rocket attacks in Gaza. 58 of them are children. At least 1,200 people were injured. Meanwhile, a retaliatory attack by Hamas has killed a total of 10 people in Palestine, including one child. At least 282 people were injured.

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