ITC Share Price: Largest Jump in ITC Share Price Since Last 3 Year

Demand for ITC shares continues to rise. In 2022, ITC stocks have grown well, registering a record increase of 10 percent in the last six days.

Indian ITC Company is the one of the fastest of Consumer Goods Providing Service. ITC shares have risen to Rs 293 which is the highest since 2019.

ITC has raised its Sensex by 2 percent. Investors are keen to buy their stocks in view of the rapid growth of the ITC Company.

ITC growth first showed about 32 per cent over last year and the Sensex about 11 per cent. There are several reasons behind the rapid growth of the price of ITC in stock.

From January to March, the company’s net profit increased by 12 per cent to Rs 4,195 crore, compared to the previous year’s net profit of Rs 3,755 crore.

That means the company’s revenue will increase by about 15 percent in one year. So far the total profit of the company is Rs 17754 crore which was Rs 15404 crore last year.

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