Jio-Google 5G Phone Might Get Launched Before Diwali: Expectations

Communication technology has gone through various phases of development. This technology is still hustling on the path of rejuvenation. In ten years, the communication technology of the world has jumped from the second generation to the fourth/fifth generation. Many small and big companies have contributed a lot in this phase of development. Currently, a majority of the population of India adapted to the current mode of communication. Almost everyone has a smartphone and fast internet connectivity. The communication network is available at every nook and corner of our country. This advancement in technology has helped in the progression of digitalization. More and more people are getting aware of the cashless economy and adopting cashless transactions. A variety of modes of cashless transactions are available, like Gpay, Paytm, Phonepe, etc.

These apps have made the transaction process very easy. Now we are entering into the next phase of the development of communication mode. The New mode of communication and network is monikered as 5G (Fifth Generation). In the 5Th Generation of communication, it is believed that the connectivity of the internet will be really fast and the process of communication will be different and advance. 5G will work like a standard module of communication where connectivity with other machines and electronic devices can be achieved remotely and at a very fast speed. From the sources, it has been getting to known that the 5G connectivity services will offer more than 1gbps speed of internet. Latency will be unavailable in the 5G mode of combination.

Jio-Google 5G Phone Launch

Indian Telecom companies have already told that the 5G services will start pretty soon, but because of the crisis of the coronavirus, the progress towards the introduction of 5G in India has slowed down. The pandemic has eventually halted the process of 5G availability for some time in India. But India will have 5G connectivity most probably by the end of 2021 or in the middle of 2022. The hype of the launch of the Jio 5G phone is getting more and more in limelight. There has been a lot of speculation about the design and specification of Jio’s 5G smartphone. Jio has stated last year that its upcoming 5G phone will be the cheapest in the market and it will be available to buy at an ultra-realistic price. Still, the exact price of the upcoming 5G smartphones is not known yet and it will only be known after the proper revelation by the company.

Jio ventured into a partnership with Google to manufacture 5G smartphones for Indian users. The news about the latest 5G smartphone by Jio is in limelight because of its unbelievable low price and premium specifications. Let’s get to know how far the collaboration has reached in the process of manufacture of cheapest 5G smartphones.  Although, the exact date of the launch of Jio 5G smartphones is not known yet. But there are speculations that the telecom company will launch the 5G device during Reliance AGM. It is going to be held on June 24th, 2021. So, there are chances that Jio will reveal the date of its launch on that day. There is also a rumour that the 5G smartphone by Jio will be launched before Diwali but the accuracy of this news can’t be ascertained for the time being.

Jio-Google 5G Phone Details

All the speculation about the launch of the 5G devices is based on the probability that last year. Also, Jio has announced its plan to introduce the cheapest 5G devices during its AGM. Maybe this year also the company came with some interesting news on its AGM. People watch Reliance Jio AGM live stream on YouTube on 24Th June at 2 pm. The 5G smartphones by Jio will be available to buy at a surprisingly low price. The company has already revealed that it will be the cheapest 5G enabled smartphone in India. So, that it can lie in the affordability of even lower section of India’s population. According to inside reports, Jio 5G smartphone will be available at a price tag of Rs. 2500. At this price range, it is totally hard to believe that a 5G enabled smartphone can be availed but jio will make it possible. The smartphone will be available and affordable for even low-income people.

An official of the company has said in a statement that the company is devoted to providing a 5G enabled smartphone under Rs.5000 and after increment in the sales of the Jio 5G smartphone, the company will try to bring down the price of the smartphone in the range of Rs 2500 to Rs 3000. At this price, the smartphone will change the monopoly of many smartphone brands of India, especially those smartphone companies who are selling 5G smartphones at an unbelievably high price. Jio and Google’s new 5G smartphone will reach the hands of poor and lower-middle-class people because of its low price. The previous year, Jio has made a statement and instructed SMEs to increase the pace of production of its smartphone, Jio has told the local producers to cooperate and manufacture smartphones as fast as they can.

Jio-Google 5G Phone Features

The company has told the manufactures to produce smartphones and try to reach the production level of more than 200 million smartphones of Jio. The company further said in a statement that these smartphones will include 4G devices as well as 5G devices. From the inside sources, it has also known that the telecom company Jio has been working with local manufacturers for two years on the design and prototype of the upcoming 5G smartphone. All the processes are going at their rapid speed but there are very fewer chances that the smartphones will make their way to the Indian market before the shopping season of Diwali. The statement is a kind of a disappointment for many buyers because a lot of people were waiting to buy this phone during the festive season. Maybe in the upcoming AMG meeting, the board of directors decides to launch the smartphone during the festive season. Hopes are high for Jio 5G smartphone.

There is no denying the fact that upcoming jio 5G smartphones will support Android OS. A lot of people are speculating that the Jio’s 5G smartphone will run on Android Go edition OS. While there is a majority of people believe that the upcoming 5G smartphone by Jio will support the complete version of the latest Android OS. But the exact information of the Android OS edition is still not known yet. Till now we know that the smartphone by Jio will come in a price range of Rs. 2500-5000. So, it will be an entry-level smartphone and most probably the smartphones will render the Android Go edition as the operating system. Jio has a constructive plan to provide ultra-cheap 5G enabled device to work and labour class of people. So that they can also stay connected with their family and friends and make proper utilization of the services of the company.

Jio-Google 5G Phone Leaks

This is the reason behind the partnership of Jio with google to access smartphone components at a cheap price and manufacture the cheapest smartphone for one of the largest populations of the world.  To provide the cheapest 5G enabled smartphones to the Indian population, Jio not only came in partnership with Google but the telecom giant was also in talks with several other companies for the components, processor, and even marketing of the smartphone. The companies which have partnered with Jio telecommunication to render their support in the manufacturing and marketing process for the smartphones are Intel, Facebook, and Qualcomm. In its venture towards the proliferation of the make in India campaign, Jio has already told that these companies will manufacture the components in India and the whole manufacturing process will be held in India only.

Furthermore, Jio partnered with Qualcomm for the chipset of the upcoming 5G smartphone. Qualcomm will produce chipsets for Jio’s upcoming 5G smartphone. There is a rumour that the Jio 5G smartphone will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G chipset because it is one of the cheapest and reliable smartphone processors which also supports 5G connectivity. So, the chances are there that the new 5G phone by Jio will have Qualcomm’s entry-level 5G chipset. Although, an insider of the Jio telecom company has said that the new smartphone will have a completely new Qualcomm processor which is specially built for Jio 5G smartphones. Jio has been working on the introduction of 5G in India for a long time. The company has revealed its plan to proliferate 5G services in India since the time of its inception of the company.

Jio-Google 5G Phone Launching

Owing to the huge spectrum fee and limited components, the process of introduction of the service slowed down. Now, the communication company is highly active and working 24*7 for bringing the next generation of telecom services in India as soon as possible. Most probably by the end of the current year or in the second quarter of the next year, India will have access to 5G services. Smartphone companies aren’t far behind in the process to contribute to the introduction of 5G connectivity services. Many smartphone companies have already introduced varieties of 5G enabled smartphones in India. These smartphone companies are Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, one plus, Realme, etc. These brands are in stiff competition to introduce a budget smartphone with 5G connectivity. A large proportion of users in India can only afford a budget smartphone with premium specifications.

India’s Telecom company jio has told that it will be introducing the cheapest 5G phone by the end of the year 2021. Since the introduction of Jio by reliance, the telecom company is growing at a rapid pace and reaching the most distant part of India. Now, services of Jio telecommunication are available everywhere in India. Apart from that, Jio services are much cheaper than other Indian Telecom services. During the time of its inception, Jio has provided free 4G internet services for months. This telecom company has made a very large customer base in just four to five years. The company was devoted to rendering its service without any charges at the time of its inception. Jio has an innovative R&D facility and a very hardworking team.

Jio-Google 5G Phone Pricing

Jio has announced the introduction of its indigenous 5G services a few years back. A few months back, the telecom company has tested its 5G network and it was a successful test. Jio has also announced that the company is working on 5G devices and it will come with the cheapest 5G smartphone pretty soon. Jio telecommunication has always thought about prioritizing its customer first, that is also the reason why a large section of the population of India has trusted upon Jio and using its service. We hope that the upcoming smartphone of Jio meets the expectations of customers and available on a large scale so that it can reach the remotest part of India.

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