Jio Postpaid Plus: Unlimited Voice Calls, Streaming Apps & More

Jio postpaid plans will be launched from 24th September 2020. The key features of this plan are – subscriptions to Netflix,  Disney+Hotstar, and Amazon Prime at no extra cost. This offers a wide range of entertainment for the customers to choose from. The postpaid plans start at as little as Rs399/- per month. They also provide for unlimited voice and video calls, making the deal sound very much like an old adage – “too good to be true.” 

As if these perks are not enough, Jio has provided for data rollover of 500 GB as well as free international calls to the U.S.A and the UAE. The mastermind move is providing for customers of other telecommunication services to carry over their existing credit limit on other postpaid plans to Jio and receive a new SIM via free home delivery. This ensures that the customers have an obstacle-free transition to Jio and do not waste money already spent. This move is tapping into the less looked concept of “money must be used well” ingrained in all human beings’ minds. It also provides family plans at Rs250/- per connection. 

Jio Postpaid Plus

Jio will also become the first network to provide in-flight connectivity.  It will also provide zero downtime. This is a novelty in itself and is not worth paying a lot for, which is why Jio has made it available at a nominal price. It has ensured that it is interesting enough to persuade people to join the plan and affordable at the same time. Jio has won the heart of close to 400 million customers through its prepaid network policy. This is a brilliant move to expand its network to customers who prefer postpaid over prepaid. Jio now focuses on a new sector of the market, one it has not tapped to its full potential yet. 

Jio continues to offer the lone rental postpaid plan at Rs 199/- a month. It has also made the shift from prepaid to postpaid effortless. If you are a Jio user, you simply need to click on the “change plan”  option in the Myjio app or If you are a postpaid user in another telco, you can send a “Hi” to 88-501-88-501 and continue your existing operator’s credit limit. Then apply for the postpaid connection via the website and get the Jio SIM home-delivered!

Jio Postpaid Plus Plans

Jio has launched these plans in order to slowly but surely bleed its competitors dry. Offering so much at such a low price will not result in immediate profits for Jio and definitely not lead to a massive amount of profits at once. The aim seems to be to incentivize the customers to shift to Jio and help it to monopolize competition in the telecommunications industry. If that is what they are after, it is happening.

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