JioBook: A Low-Cost Laptop From Jio Is In The Making [REPORT]

Only a few international companies have reached the pinnacle of success in a very short period like Jio Platforms has achieved in over the past few months in the last year. The Giant telecom company of India, which is a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, as of now it is India’s most valuable company, launched its telecom services less than four years ago in 2016 and It has already garnered approximately 400 million subscribers in such a short period, Reliance Jio as for now has most customers in India outperforming other telecom companies in its rivalries. For instance, Reliance would have been submerged to like family-run business as they eventually fade over time and start pacing in the direction of degeneration owing to the historical representation and fragments of a family business.

It nearly did. Following Dhirubhai Ambani’s death, a cold war was happening between the two brothers, Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani, and these rapports made it to the public and media too, that ended with them splitting the company into two in 2005. Mukesh Ambani received petrochemicals business, which is Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL); Anil Ambani took control of the telecom segment that had been conceptualized a few years prior, along with a bunch of other entities, Reliance-Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group. The two brothers signed an agreement of a 10-year non-compete agreement that was revoked in the midway, which makes the way for Mukesh Ambani’s RIL to reenter the telecom sector. Reliance Communications, the telecom sector of Anil Ambani’s group, remained hardly in operation until 2019, after unbearable losses and unprecedented downfall, it shut down and filed for bankruptcy in the end.

JioBook Jio Laptop

Mukesh Ambani’s entryway into the telecom sector was both brazen and a bit covert. In 2010, the Indian government began auctioning both 3G and broadband wireless access (BWA) spectrum, or 4G, which was used primarily for high-speed data access. The concurrent telecom companies at that time primarily centralized their energies on getting the 3G spectrum as they quested to upgrade their infrastructure and services. At the same time in the BWA auction, it was bought by an unknown company with only about $32k in total revenues and a single internet subscriber. Following the day after the auction results were announced, RIL bought the unknown company and blatantly stated that it aimed to inaugurate a broadband network that would cater to the Indian population and reach every corner of India.

So, this is how exactly what RIL’s move in new telecom service, named Jio, finally started its service in India in 2016. Jio superseded the market by offering customers free voice calls and zero roaming charges. The data plans were unbelievably cheap, which was a total surprise for Indian consumers, they cut down the imperatives by more than a third. At the time of the launch of Jio telecom, Jio’s 4G network was already confined to 18,000 cities and towns and more than 200,000 villages, and just Within six months of its inception, the company was aspiring to cover 90% of India’s population.

JioBook Getting Launched

As for now, Jio has reached promising heights in telecommunication with the help of its diverse mindset and conceptual framework, as for now it already had made a customer base of more than 400 million consumers of its telecom services in India, Jio is quite eager in delivering technological( mobile phones, IoT devices, Jio Giga fibers) devices in a very low price range, some of these are jio phone series, and it is vowed to work in the field of research and development to make its telecom devices accessible to every section of the population. After successfully delivering tens of millions of its low-cost JioPhone device, providing 4G LTE to millions of Indians, those who were previously using basic feature phones.

Jio may be looking to boost its growing digital services by offering a larger-screened device that can access these services through a cellular connection, and in that process Reliance Jio is planning to jump into the laptop manufacturing unit as it is developing a product tentatively called the “JioBook” which will run a customized Android layout on top dubbed as the JioOS. Although the discussion to launch laptop isn’t new and revealed in 2021, as the manufacturing baseline was in consideration from the year 2018. In the year 2018 reliance Jio communication was in conversation with Qualcomm Technologies, and both the industries, Reliance Jio and the American chipmaker vowed to launch laptops with cellular connectivity. Almost after three years, now it seems that Jio is finally developing a laptop based on Qualcomm chipset, but the components that are being used and software that were in discussion to be installed in the device will be different from what was originally planned.

Jio Laptop JioBook

Talking about the JioBook this laptop will not come with preinstalled Windows 10, the JioBook is designated to be installed with Google’s Android OS. Jio may singularize its orientation of Android as “JioOS. Which will help in bringing down costs, as per the information available Jio’s prototype laptop is currently rumored to have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 665 (sm6125) chipset, an 11nm chipset that was announced in the first quarter of 2019, The Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 665 chipset has a built-in 4G LTE modem — the Snapdragon X12 — that the JioBook will likely commodify to provide cellular connectivity to Reliance Jio’s broad 4G network connectivity. To work in the development of the product Reliance Jio is partnering with China-based company “Bluebank communication Technology’.an engineering firm that creates mobile devices and develops software for third-parties.

Development on the JioBook started in early September of 2020 and is expected to be completed by the first half of 2021, the JioBook had unfinalized hardware, as exact hardware configuration isn’t revealed by the company, but according to the sources it includes a recycled keyboard that contained a Windows key. as per the reports, By mid-April, the product is consigned to enter the PVT, or Product Validation Test, stage of the product development cycle, so its current design seems likely to be the images reviled a few days back, the Windows key will likely have been swapped with a key more fitting for the product and software, though we don’t know what it will have been swapped with android interface key or something else, because the laptop is still in the development phase, and all the information available is from the distinct sources.

JioBook Laptop

Talking about the extent of information available about the hardware and software of the “JioBook” laptop, it is expected that the PC will have a 1366×768 resolution display, though we don’t know the size of the actual display whether it will be of 15inch screen or 13inch. During the phase of testing and development, it has been known from the sources that during development, a model of JioBook laptop with 2GB of LPDDR4X RAM paired with 32GB of eMMC storage was in testing initiatives and later a model with 4GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 64GB of eMMC 5.1 storage was being tested. Bluebank and Reliance Jio seem to be stern in manufacturing and delivering low-cost components from a variety of component providers`, most prominent is Samsung, for their assembled mobile DRAM and NAND chip as well as Qualcomm for its Snapdragon 665 chipset.

According to a list of components used for the PCB of the JioBook laptop, it has been observed that the laptop may come with a mini-HDMI connector for video output, support for Wi-Fi over 2.4 and 5GHz frequencies, Bluetooth, a three-axis accelerometer, along with an audio chip manufactured by Qualcomm. As per the information available, The JioBook laptop currently runs a clean stock Android 10, but in the future, it is unlikely the OS will be switched over to Windows 10 on ARM before the release of the JioBook laptop, Because Qualcomm and Microsoft only support Windows 10 on ARM for only a few of Snapdragon chipsets, and the Snapdragon 665 is not one of them. So hopes for getting a windows os on JioBook are pretty negligible. The JioBook will feature the Snapdragon 665 as we have talked about above and Android to cut down on costs, to make it available to the masses at a very economical cost.

JioBook Low Cost Laptop

There will be no Google apps installed in the JioBook laptop because Pre-installing Google’s suite of applications requires a license to distribute Google Mobile Services, which is a cost that a manufacturer has to pay but again it will slightly increase the price of the product, and Jio is stern on its decision to provide a laptop at a very low price. But on the other hand, the laptop’s android based OS will be preloaded with several Jio applications, including JioStore, JioMeet, JioPages, and Jio’s ad services. All we can hope for now, that Jio meets its obligations to provide a laptop at a very low price without compromising with its hardware configuration, so we can just wait for the day of its launch. “Touchwood” to the make in India, Made in India

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