Kangana Ranaut Compares Her Mumbai Office to Ram Mandir, Kangana Reached Mumbai in the Midst of the Conflict

The controversy surrounding Kangana Ranaut’s remarks has continued from the past month and a half. First Kangana and Sanjay Raut’s tweet war and then the war of words have practically erupted in the country.

Kangana reached Mumbai in the midst of this conflict. Tensions flared as she arrived at the airport. Shiv Sena supporters started protesting outside the airport on Wednesday. Besides, Karni Sena shows a counter-protest on the side of Kangana.

And in the midst of this protest, Kangana left the Mumbai airport and got into the car. As soon as Kangana reached the car, the women’s fronts of Shiv Sena practically roared. They cannot accept the comparison of Mumbai with Pakistan. According to them, the heroine has no right to come to Mumbai with this demand.

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It is to be noted; that Kangana had practically challenged that will come to Mumbai on September 9 no matter what. And that’s how she came to Mumbai that day. She was attacked by Shiv Sena soon after Kangana Ranaut announced her return to Mumbai. It was informed that after apologizing, Kangana will be allowed to enter Mumbai.

Incidentally, actress Kangana Ranaut was vocal about the role of Mumbai Police in the investigation into the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. During the Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress coalition government, Mumbai has become a Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK) and she feels insecure to return there, Kangana said.

And then the tension spread. Her tug-of-war began with the Maharashtra government. Kangana was also given Y + category security by the central government so that she could return to Mumbai safely.

In that situation, recently a notice was hung outside Kangana’s office in Pali Hill allegations of illegal construction. Kangana alleged that the Maharashtra government was deliberately taking this step to harass her.

On Wednesday morning, with Mumbai Police, several BMC workers appeared in front of Kangana’s Pali Hill bungalow and office.

After that, the vandalism started in Kangana’s office. After that one by one these pictures and videos are gone viral on social sites.

The vandalism of Kangana’s BMC office in Mumbai has caused a stir almost all over the country. Kangana posted those pictures of the vandalism on her Twitter handle and also compared it with Ram Temple.

Former NCP of Rajya Sabha MP Majid Memon Counter-attacked Kangana after seeing her tweet. Kangana has insulted Mumbai police personnel by calling “Babur and his army”. Trust and confidence of the public will go from the police administration. “This is what Kangana wants”? Majid Memon raised the question.

Then Kangana opened her mouth again. She said, because of artillery fire against the Shiv Sena, the Maharashtra government was in direct conflict with her. And this is how the situation becomes complicated with counter-tweets.

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