Kangana Ranaut Hits Back at Jaya Bachchan by Mentioning Abhishek and Shweta

Tues day standing in the Rajya Sabha, Jaya Bachchan taunted Kangana Ranaut and Ravi Kisan. This time Kangana replied to Jaya’s sarcasm. Mentioning her name in a familiar mood, Kangana pierced the Rajya Sabha MP of the Samajwadi Party with a sharp sentence.


Jaya criticized Kangana’s comments on Bollywood’s drug addiction. Kangana compared Bollywood with the gutter, which Bachchan’s wife could not accept.

Kangana’s message to Jaya that day, “Jaya ji, would you say the same thing if in my place it was your daughter Shweta beaten, drugged and molested as a teenager, would you say the same thing if Abhishek complained about bullying and harassment constantly and found hanging one day? Show compassion for us also”.

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Kangana made this statement on the same day after the remarks of Jaya. In the upper house of parliament, Jaya said, “People in the entertainment industry are abused by people on social media. Those who have made fame from Bollywood, they are calling it a sewer. I don’t agree with that. I hope the government will tell these people not to use such words.

Amitabh’s wife added, “For some people, the image of the whole industry should never be tarnished. I am ashamed that yesterday a member of our Lok Sabha spoke against the film industry who is herself a part of it. It’s a shame”.

Last month, Kangana tweeted about Bollywood’s drug menace, saying, “If the Narcotics Control Bureau steps on Bollywood, many front-line celebrities will be imprisoned”. If the blood is tested then a lot of sensational truth will come to the fore. I hope the Prime Minister’s Transparent India Mission’s clean-up operation will also clear the sewer called Bollywood.

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Note that the entire Bachchan family, including Jaya, did not open their mouths on the Sushant issue, and the Bachchan government was surprisingly silent on the Maharashtra government’s dispute with Kangana. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Jaya suddenly said, “Bollywood’s defamation conspiracy is going on”.

The Central Drug Control Agency is investigating the drug case involving the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. The NCB has arrested several people, including Riya Chakraborty and her brother Souvik, for their alleged involvement in drug trafficking.

Riya also mentioned the names of actresses like NCB’s Sara Ali Khan and Rakul Preet Singh. According to the accused heroine, they are also associated with drug use. B-Town has been a target of a large number of netizens since the rise of Bollywood’s drug menace.

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