BJP leader Suresh Kashyap Says, Kangana Ranaut’s Mother Asha Ranaut is Welcome to Join our Party

The mother of the actress Asha Ranaut has opened her mouth in the Shiv Sena-Kangana Ranaut clash. She directly targeted the coalition government of Maharashtra. Kangana Ranaut’s office Manikarnika Films was demolished by Mumbai Corporation. Asha Ranaut has condemned this incident.

Kangana Ranaut's Mother

She told, “What Maharashtra government has done is reprehensible”. I strongly condemn this incident. I am happy that the whole country is standing by my daughter and blessing her. My daughter has always stood by the truth and will continue to do so. I am proud of her.

She also thanked Union Home Minister Amit Shah for providing Y-category security to Kangana Ranaut. Asha Ranaut said, “I thank Amit Shah. If he had not given the security to Kangana, I don’t know what would have happened to her then”. She further said, “We are the original Congress, the Home Minister has stood by us despite knowing this, we are grateful to him”.

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After that, there was a lot of speculation about the “Ranaut family from Himachal joining the BJP”. Provoked by that speculation, Himachal Pradesh state president Suresh Kumar Kashyap said, “I still have no official news of Asha Ranaut joining the BJP. But if she wants to join the team, then she is welcome. ”

Incidentally, last Wednesday, on charges of ‘illegal’ construction, the Mumbai Municipal Corporation bulldozed some part of Kangna’s office in Mumbai. Kangana made multiple tweets protesting against this.

Sometimes she compares BMC workers with his Babur’s army, sometimes she compares Manikarnika Film with Ram Mandir, and sometimes she compares the Maharashtra government directly with Pakistan.

In a video message, she even warned Uddhav Thackeray, “Today my house is broken, tomorrow your pride will be broken”.

Many in the informed community stood by the actress and mocked the demolition of Kangana’s office as Shiv Sena’s ‘bragging of power’ and ‘revenge’. In response, the Shiv Sena said the BMC had taken the step on the basis of allegations of illegal construction, not revenge.

However, after receiving the notice from the BMC, Kangana approached the court and the Bombay High Court ruled in her favor in the case filed by the actress and issued a stay order for the demolition of the office.

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