Karan Johar To Host Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss OTT On Voot

Bigg Boss is like a social experiment and people like to watch the dynamics between a bunch of contestants confined to space, given regular tasks and challenges. The entertainment factor comes from watching the contestants navigate their lives in those numbered days to survive, gain popularity and come out on top. When it comes to its use, of course, the nil side is heavier. But one can learn about human behavior from that show. Keeping aside how it’s all for TRP and highly rigged, as someone from a psychology background, we see the hidden expressions, the anxiety, and the desperation of people inside the house. Their behavior doesn’t necessarily characterize their personality, but it shows what happens to people when they are under so much pressure and being watched by millions of people.

Bigg boss has a huge number of viewers and they regularly watch the show. Entertainment, they dish out masala with reality, peeps relate with this and get pleasure in watching these shows, which brings TRP and moolah, which makes more producers dish out content like that enticing their target audience. For entertainment, Biggboss has everything to make your life a little bit spicy and excited. A new gossip has been making rounds on the internet for the last two hours. The news is about Biggboss and its new host for Bigg Boss OTT. It has been getting to known that prominent filmmaker Karan Johar has opted as a host for the upcoming “Biggboss OTT”. The revelation came out to be true after a lot of speculation.

Bigboss Voot OTT Host

Earlier, Siddharth Shukla (Bigg Boss 13 winner) was in the purview to host the OTT version of Bigg Boss but at the peak moment, producers have decided to choose Karan Johar over Siddharth Shukla to host Bigg Boss OTT. Everyone needs a reach, whether it’s a prominent actor, struggling actor, or even a director. A person who is a YouTuber increases his followers via Instagram or any other social media platform. Everyone needs a source to reach people and no one leaves a chance if they get an opportunity to reach their thing to the people whatever it may be. Bigg Boss is that stage that helps a person to prospect his thoughts, views, idiosyncrasies to the viewers. For Karan Johar, Bigg Boss will work as a platform for him where he will be able to put forward his side of thoughts and opinions. He has been criticized a lot and termed as a supporter of nepotism.

The digital version of Bigg Boss will be aired on Voot. Karan Johar has been appointed as the host of the series and he has been finalized after a meeting with the producers of the show. Bigg Boss OTT will be available to watch on the Voot app and it will premiere on 8th August. The show will immerse the viewer with all kinds of entertainment and masala. Viewers will be pleased to see Karan Johar as a host on the Bigg Boss OTT. Johar has been quite popular for his hosting abilities because he has already opted as host for several award shows and reality shows. People watching Bigg boss are star-struck. They consume anything and everything a star says, Salman Khan is one of the biggest stars. Salman Khan says that the show is scripted.

Karan Johar Bigboss OTT Host

In addition, Salman khan has achieved a lot in life and has lots of advice to share. If you are a celebrity or have some contacts as a struggling star, maybe then you can get into it. The concept of the big boss is utopian and scripted and everything is planned and plotted but people find it as if it is real and happing instantly, this is where these programs make an impact in luring the viewers. Bigg Boss OTT previews were launched a few weeks ago and people were started speculating about the host of the show. A lot of people were thinking that Salman khan will be the host of the Bigg Boss OTT. Apart from him, Siddharth Shukla was the second consideration as a host for Bigg Boss OTT. But finally, it has been decided that Karan Johar will be the host of Bigg Boss OTT. The news came with a total surprise for the viewers as well as fans.

People are excited to Karan Johar as a host for Bigg Boss OTT and we can believe this news will help the show to gain its momentous TRP. Bigg Boss also works as a platform for many struggling youngsters who want to grab an opportunity in the cinema and limelight industry. Bigg Boss pave the way for them to reach out to the masses and express their ideas and thought to the public. It has helped a lot of struggling actors and actresses to gain names and fame. A lot of people believe that the Bigg Boss show is rubbish and it is disturbing. But the reality is we enjoy watching these shows with a lot of enthusiasm. One should just watch it as a mode of entertainment and refreshment. The promo of the Bigg Boss OTT has already created a lot of hype among fans and viewers. Now the revelation of the host of the show has added some more excitement.

Salman Khan and Karan Johar Bigboss Host

The director and producer “Karan Johar” is preparing for the show. The Bigg Boss OTT will be full of drama, fun, entertainment, and melodrama. The show will run for six weeks and it will be watchable on the Voot app. Users will have to get a subscription on the Voot app to watch Bigg Boss OTT. It has already been revealed that the show will start on August 8, 2021. Nowadays people are so obliterated that they enjoy watching entertaining shows to rejuvenate themselves. Makers of the Bigg Boss don’t need to script the show. Contestants know what they are supposed to do there to get votes and Bigg boss just creates the situation. We just can’t blame them if you secretly enjoy fights between your neighbors or at random places between strangers, humans have inherited nature to enjoy gossip and fight of others.

Most people don’t watch the show with the purpose of studying it but they watch the Bigg Boss only to get entertained and feel relaxed, which is good enough. Karan Johar has expressed his gratitude through tweets after being opted as host of Bigg Boss OTT. He said “My mom and I are huge Bigg Boss fans and wouldn’t miss it for a day. As a viewer, it keeps me hugely entertained with dollops of drama. For decades now, I have always enjoyed hosting shows and now with Bigg Boss OTT, it will surely be over the top. It’s my mother’s dream come true. Bigg Boss OTT will undeniably have a lot more sensational and dramatic. I hope I can live up to the audience’s and my friends’ expectations, make Weekend Ka Vaar with the contestants an enjoyable affair in my style, and up the ante on the entertainment quotient. Wait for it”.

Karan Johar To Host Bigboss OTT

It is the first time, Bigg Boss will be watchable on the OTT platform. The most exciting thing about the upcoming show is, viewers will be able to watch 24*7 live feed from the house of Bigg Boss. Along with that, viewers will also be able to watch one hour of a regular show of Bigg Boss on Voot. Voot subscribers will also have the option to watch exclusive cuts as well as round-the-clock happening at the big boss’s house. When the show will over (after six weeks) on Voot, the Bigg Boss will make its way to Colors TV. The Bigg Boss season 15 will premier on Colors TV. The big boss is like a full-fledged restaurant serving people’s needs. For example, a restaurant serves idli for two reasons. First, the restaurant makes good idli, and second, there is a demand for idli.

You take out one of the reasons and the restaurant will be closed. The same situation implies to the reality shows, it runs on the TRP as well as the content. Bigg boss creates these recipes/scenarios on the go with well-paid actors/wannabe actors to satisfy people’s needs to see catfights, bitching behind the back, scandals, abuses. Probably next stage is occasional fistfights and later maybe blood spill. BB will do anything to satisfy their customers’ needs i.e., our needs, our sadistic pleasure. The scripts are modified on the go based on the outcome of each stage.

BiggBoss Voot OTT Host Karan Johar

Contestants are also get paid well for the show. The contestants are well-paid actors or wannabe actors. They get paid based on their popularity. Some even get 1L-1.5L per day. Thus, the more they stay more they get paid. The shows are spiced up and down based on the TRP needs. Although, the show was receiving a lot of negative reviews from the last few months and its TRP was degrading continuously. After the promo launch of Bigg Boss OTT, a new hype has been created among fans and viewers and the revelation of a new host of Bigg Boss OTT has contributed a lot to the increment of TRP of the show.

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