Kartik Tyagi IPL Record: “What An Over”: Jasprit Bumrah, Dale Steyn Praise Kartik Tyagi For His Heroics vs Punjab Kings

Dubai: In the last over when Rajasthan Royals captain Sanju Samson is handing the ball to him, Punjab Kings want to win the match and four more runs. Batsman set at the crease. Even the biggest Rajasthan supporters gave up thinking of victory.

kartik tyagi

The drama started from there. What happens next is that many people can’t believe it. Because, Rajasthan fast bowler Karthik Tyagi spent only one run in the last over! Yes, that’s right, Tyagi has spent one run in the last over. Picked up 2 wickets. After Rajasthan won the match by just 2 runs, Karthik’s name sounded triumphant.

Karthik has written his name in the history of IPL. He was the second bowler after Munaf Patel to win the match with a capital of four runs in one over. Earlier in 2009, Munaf won the match against Rajasthan Royals with 4 runs in the last over against Mumbai Indians. Karthik touched that record.

“I was injured when the IPL was being played in India,” he said. After recovering, I saw that the tournament was postponed. Was upset. It feels good to have the opportunity today. I have been discussing with seniors for several years. I knew what to do in such a situation in the match. Everyone said that a match could change at any time. I knew I had the spice to succeed with the ball in the death over. ‘

Commentators cannot find the language. The audience is not overwhelmed. Cricketers of the two teams? Have they also found the right explanation for how Punjab Kings can lose this match? Dubai witnessed the dramatic match on Tuesday. After trailing for 19 overs, Rajasthan Royals changed all counts in the last over. Sanju Samson defeated preity zinta’s team by just 2 runs. With that, it became clear once again that if cricket is a game of great uncertainty, then T20 cricket is the best advertisement of that revelation.

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