Khaali Peeli Trailer Released, Featuring Ishaan Khatter and Ananya Panday

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, digital releases are a new normal. People are bored of watching the diverse varieties of shows, movies, etc. available on the online streaming sites. In today’s world of the run of the mill, washed-out entertainment, Khalee Peeli is like a breath of fresh air!  The film stars Ananya Panday and Ishaan Khatter in the lead roles. It has been directed by debutant Maqbool Khan and is being produced under the banner of Zee Studios. It promises to be an action, adventure, and fun-filled ride. A surprise quotient in the film is the villain, beautifully portrayed by Jaydeep Ahlawat. The film will stream on the OTT platform Zeeplex from the 2nd of October. 

The main plot revolves around the story of Pooja and Blackie, childhood sweethearts who got separated. Cut to the present, they are reunited in the strangest of situations. Pooja, a scintillating character, terrifies a taxi driver named Blackie with a revolver and makes him obey her instructions. She seems to be playing a role akin to a modern female bandit and is portrayed as the one in power. Blackie seems to be the straightforward, easy-going guy who gets dragged into the situation only by chance. 

Khaali Peeli Trailer

However, Blackie is shown to adapt to the change in the scenario remarkably quickly. Post the stalemate, they reach an understanding and agree to divide a bag full of gold jewelry between themselves. The remainder of the trailer shows Blackie  dodging bullets and busting a few action moves, a complete opposite of the terrified guy who cowed down in front of a revolver earlier. Pooja draws attention to her gunmanship by well-placed slingshots. 

It is also shown that they have not passed all the hurdles in the completion of their quest. A wacky villain named Yusuf is hot on their tail. He is shown to be one who will stop at nothing to keep his word. The movie is an action-packed, romantic drama. The trailer begs the question of whether Blackie and Pooja will be reunited when fate willed them apart so many years ago, or whether the villain will catch up to them in the chase that ensues between him and the protagonists. 

The film stars have both played roles out of their comfort zone. Ishaan Khatter plays the role of a traditional Bollywood hero, a character that transforms from a meek, easy-going personality to one who does not flinch in the face of a gun. Ananya Panday, on the other hand, is portraying a feminist related notion by appearing well experienced with weapons and the in-charge of a robbery. She is seen as an influential figure whose charisma and persuasive authority make people obey her. 

The trailer begets more questions than it answers. It is observed that the plot will be full of twists and turns along the way, resulting in a gripping climax. Watch out for the movie releasing on 2nd October. Do not miss out!

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