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LG Made A air purifier face Mask To Protect Corovirus up-to 8 Hours

LG is set to unveil the new Digital air purifier face Mask in September with state-of-the-art technology to address that issue. The New steps in the digital world to keep pace with the situation. Which will keep you safe from outside bacteria, virus and microorganisms for at last 8 hours.

LG air purifier face Mask

Taking fresh air to survive the toxic viruses and Bactria of the surrounding toxic environment has become inevitable in our daily lives. In this situation we need to be sure that every particle of air we breathe reaches our lungs becoming pure. So in this epidemic situation the use of Mask in our daily life has become inevitable. Many face Masks scatter in the current market. However, scientifically the use of n95 Mask is considered to be the safest with respect to other mask. However, the n95 Mask has hindered us from doing many things in our daily lives. N95 Mask’s fine pore makes it difficult for us to breathe normally, which makes it difficult for us to breathe.

LG face Mask

LG is about to start production of the new electric air purifier Marks to survive with many Bactria or virus. This PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier is made of three fans along with pair of HEPA-style filters. Within this month there is an in-build “respiratory sensor” and electric fan to control the breathing rate according to requirement. This fish is equipped with a battery of 820mAh which will give you healthy service for 8 hour on a single charge. When you not use it then Ultraviolet (UV) rays will purify the germs, bacteria and viruses inside and outside of the Air purifier. You can connect your Smartphone to this air purifier and the app will tell you when you need to refine this fish and when to charge it. According to LG, everything this month can be reused and replaced. At the IFA conference in September, LG is expected to release all information about the digital air purifier, including his price and details about the fish.

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