LM10 Can Join PSG! Neymar Talks to Messi

The situation is becoming more and more complicated of Lionel Messi’s transfer. On Tuesday when Messi wanted to leave Barcelona after that he was first seen in public on Wednesday night. Where will Messi go after leaving Barcelona? There is speculation about this. The best teams in Europe are waiting to get Messi. Meanwhile, PSG went down to fish in the muddy water.

Although Manchester City is ahead in the race, PSG is also in the fight to get Messi. It is known that Neymar himself has requested PSG to buy Messi. However, the French club has not yet made any offers to Barcelona.

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Messi’s relationship with Neymar is quite good. Messi and Neymar, who have played four seasons together in Barcelona, have developed a friendly relationship with Messi. When Neymar left Barcelona to join PSG in 2017, the relationship remained the same. The Argentine star tried several times to bring Neymar back to Barcelona.

Meanwhile, after Messi announced his decision to leave Barcelona, ​​sources said that Neymar had made this request to his club. However, Neymar has only made a request to PSG. So far, no official offer has been made to Messi by PSG.

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Barcelona’s current contract with Messi expires in 2021. His release clause is worth 700 million euros. Experts think that PSG has no intention of buying him at this price. However, it is believed that PSG may consider if Messi leaves Barcelona at a lower price. Meanwhile, Messi has asked FIFA for a Primary permission letter for transfer.

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