Logitech G333 Wired Gaming Earphones Launched: Features, Price & More

We all have enjoyed playing games on our laptop or pc in the past at the certain time, it was the most enthralling moments of our life, we all were a gamer or we are still a gamer, no matter what gaming device we use, a gaming controller (pS4, pS5 or Xbox series) or even just a regular PC user, somehow chances persist that we all have used at least a couple of Logitech devices before directly or indirectly. Nevertheless, chances are there that some of the people still using an old Logitech device, owing to the reason that Logitech devices are believed to give the long run durability along with inexplicable performance. The conceptual reason behind that old monk Logitech device still running like a teen kid without compromising with the performance and works great foretell to the framework entropy and rigid durability of most hardware companies, where the primary goal is to persist in the race for a long time.

The thing is, the old durable and explicit performing Logitech device is a mainframe thought of a previous generation of engineers, an era when gadgets and devices were constituted of engineer-centered and whereas lack sheer thought, and design framework; that lead to the dissertation of all the old but still working gadgets and devices, like keyboards, mouse, webcams, and remained at the corner or in the basement of a house as a discarded member of the family, there was only one reason behind it, the old devices have durability and performance but they all lack the user-centered design, as now in the 21st century, youngsters look for durability, performance along with cutting edge design, which lures them most.

Logitech G333 Wired Gaming Earphones

The reason behind the progression of Logitech devices in the past was, geeks and commoners look for Logitech products owing to their low price-tag and vitalizing performance and quality—so, in the case of Logitech, it gets the attention of the masses not because they have some exciting looks or they were using some cutting-edge technology or design. But as the progression of cutting-edge design of devices molded with performance, the perpetual acceptance of durability and performance was replaced by framework design of devices which stands true on its durability and performance. Then a time in the development of devices where makers and tech giants started working on designing notion of electronic devices, that perhaps if you look at a gaming keyboard, mouse, or a headset of the current generation and try to compare these with the old generation devices.

At a certain point you will start believing that the current era gadgets and controllers seem to be some alien technology in front of all those old devices. The thing is people confine with the looks first then they jump on the other functionality of a gadget, tech giants now recalibrate ease-of-use and functionality with imagery and hardware that appeals to a wider mass than just a regular PC user whose only demand is to have a working keyboard, mouse along with a music system if only needed. Perception of people has changed and cutting-edge design has taken superposition over long durable working gadgets. Talking about gaming and its peripheral controllers, the first thing that strikes in our mind is “Logitech”. Logitech International SA, the company is a Switzerland-based hardware accessories maker, and for now, it is expanding its arms in the rapidly growing gaming sector and with a viewpoint in China to become its largest regional market and a hub in the coming years.

Logitech G333 Wired Gaming Earphones Features

In the recent development in a gaming platform, Logitech has introduced a decent earphone, “the Logitech G333 wired gaming earphones”, this gaming earphone has been launched globally a few days back. The main decent feature of the Logitech G333 wired gaming earphones are dual drivers, these earphones are constituted with two separate drivers in each ear which tends to deliver a “powerful and magnificent audio experience with a rich soundscape”. the Logitech G333 wired gaming earphones are equipped with an in-line mic along with an integrated audio controlling outputs, the Logitech G333 wired gaming earphones are claimed to be compatible with PC, mobile, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and all the other platforms which have an audio-jack.

There is one more special functionality of the Logitech G333 wired gaming earphones, these audio beasts come with a pouch and a USB Type-C to 3.5mm dongle, for the smartphones which don’t render a particular 3.5mm audio jack, with the help of a dongle, there will be no hurdles in enjoying gaming or music, no matter the smartphone has a port or not. Talking about the sound and audio quality of the Logitech G333, these newly introduced wired gaming earphones are really up to the mark and incomprehensible for games and pretty fantastic for music, the credit for the explicit sound quality goes to the dual bass drivers which are somehow better-than-expected. With a 3.5 mm audio jack at the end and coupled USB-C adapter (in case the device from you want to hear music don’t have a 3.5mm port rather a Type-C port).

Logitech G333 Wired Gaming Earphones Colors

By the Halep of dual connectivity method we can plug the Logitech G333 wired gaming earphones in almost any device available, although from the looks these earbuds seem to be pretty intolerable, but with three different sets of in-ear tips, which comes along with the Logitech G333 wired gaming earphones, we can opt well suited for our ears. As we have already talked about that the Logitech G333 wired gaming earphones to have dual dynamic drivers (5.8mm and 9.2mm), which promises to deliver unbelievable bass and throttling sound quality in each ear through the audio output. The dual drivers have different functionality too like the 5.8mm driver is installed to give throttling bass, and the 9.2mm driver is meant for mids and highs in the audio.

It is believed that dual drivers of the Logitech G333 wired gaming earphones give an induced and exquisite sound quality and an improved soundscape through the outputs, which can render even a minute detailing in the audio while playing any game scenario along with on online gaming platforms the soundscape functionality can work as an exhilarating noise cancellation while on the voice chat in the game. Now coming to the design and framework of the Logitech G333 wired gaming earphones, the earphone has a rigid and tough aluminum housing body design, which is totally eye-catching while having first sight on the earphones, the design is undoubtedly cutting edge, along with tangle-free audio cables for durability and long run.

Logitech G333 Wired Gaming Earphones Box

Each earbud of the Logitech G333 wired gaming earphones is made up of a small and cylindrical frame that hosts the audio drivers and main audio output, wrapped in a rubbery tip. We can easily switch through the different rubbery tips as three other rubbery tips of different sizes are being provided by the company along with the airphones, so we can easily opt for the most suitable among the three different tip sizes, and switch among them in only a few seconds. There is one more notable thing about the Logitech G333 wired gaming earphones that these earphones come in three different color options: these are, in black body with blue tips, silver body with purple tips, and purple body with green tips.

The audio amplifier controller has been imparted on the right earbud audio cord. There are three buttons: volume up, volume down, and a blue button which can help in calling and cutting the call or, just for pausing or playing music on the go. The whole design and peripherals of the Logitech G333 wired gaming earphones are decent as compared to the other earphones available in the market at this price segment, and the build quality gives it a rigid look and long durability. Although there’s a single drawback of these newly introduced earphones or an incorrigible issue with the design of the Logitech G333 wired gaming earphones, the total length from the tip to toe is pretty short, which means the size of the audio cord cable is much shorter than then conventional wired earphones available in the market.

Logitech G333 Wired Gaming Earphones Launched

The thing is if someone has a conventional pc which kept under the table it will be quite impossible to plug the earphone in the audio jack of the PC and enjoy gaming while sitting on a chair, in that case, there will be a need for an extension cord to plug the Logitech G333 wired gaming earphones into the PC. Apart from that there is one more remodification was needed in the Logitech G333 wired gaming earphones, the audio and volume controller on the right cord should have been a little down than the earlier, as it would be pretty hard to go through the controllers without applying extra efforts. Now coming to the price and buying options of plug the Logitech G333 wired gaming earphones, as in the US, the Logitech G333 wired gaming earphones can be purchased at $49.99 from Logitech official website, in India The Logitech G333 wired gaming earphones can be bought at Rs 4995, but the earphones are not available to buy as for now, it will be available soon in the future.

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