Made In India Blaupunkt Smart TV: Starting Price ₹14,999

Blaupunkt is a prominent German electronic company. It is famous for its sound devices. This company is one of the oldest electronic companies originated in Germany. Preliminary products manufactured by Blaupunkt are stereo systems for cars as well as homes. Now the electronic company has centralized its manufacturing unit on other electronic goods. Blaupunkt is now manufacturing home appliances like TV. The company is now coming with a new TV at a very reasonable price. So, let’s get to know about the brand-new TV launched by Blaupunkt. Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd will work as a representative company of Blaupunkt. SSPL will manage all the tasks of Blaupunkt in India. These tasks include designing, manufacturing, branding, retail as well as packaging. The new range of the android smart TV will be available to buy on Flipkart.

Customers can buy this brand new smart TV from July 10. Talking about the price, the price of the range of smart TVs will start from Rs.14,999 and it will go up to Rs. 41,000 approx. So let us get to know about the new range of smart TV launched by Blaupunkt. Blaupunkt has launched four android smart TVs in India in collaboration with SSPL. SSPL will manufacture and design the TV in India only under the brand name Blaupunkt. So, the Android smart TVs will be completely made in India. The company has launched a 32-inch HD Ready with Cybersound Android TV, a 42-inch FHD Android TV, a 43-inch Android TV with Cybersound along with 4K resolution, and 55-inch 4K Android TV. All four models of the TV will be available to buy from July 10. The base model, 32inch Android TV comes with android 9 and it renders a bezel-less design.

Made In India Blaupunkt Smart TV

The 32 inch model of the Blaupunkt Android Smart TV has a 40W speaker along with edge-free surround sound technology. It will have two sound outputs on both sides. The 32-inch Android smart has 1GB RAM and 8GB of internal storage. The base variant of the new range of Android Smart TVs by Blaupunkt is tagged with a price of Rs.14,999. The second model has a 42-inch screen. It will be the most preferable for the users who want a movie theatre-like experience at home. The 42-inch variant of Android Smart TV has an FHD screen and it will come with Android 9. It has a bezel-less design, which gives it an elegant look and sophisticated design. The 42-inch variant of the Blaupunkt new range of smart TV will sport a 40W speaker. It also has to edge-free sound technology with dual speakers. The 42-inch variant also has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage.

This model will be available to buy at a price of Rs. 21,999. Now coming to the premium variants of the Android Smart TV by Blaupunkt. The 43-inch variant of the smart TV is totally a beast as well as cost-efficient. If you want to experience the premium quality of sound then this will be the optimum choice for you. The 43-inch android smart TV by Blaupunkt sports massive 52W speakers. The TV also has 4K resolution. The sharpness and variance in the colour are noticeable. The 43-inch variant has four speakers along with Dolby Digital Plus, DTS TruSurround. The sound technology consists of the 43-inch variant is MS12 Sound Technology. This variant of Blaupunkt’s smart TV will come with Android 10 out of the box. It will have 2GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. The price tag of this variant is Rs.30,999.

Blaupunkt Smart TV Features

Finally coming to the last and most premium model in the range of the smart TV. Blaupunkt is offering a lot of decent features in its premium model. It has a 4K resolution. Any 4K TV in the range of screen size 55-inches diagonally will display the finer pixel depth that a 2160p image contains. The ideal screen size to watch a 4K video is 84 inches (diagonally). If you watch a 4K video on a 55-inch 4K TV, you will notice the elegant quality in the depth of the picture and a subtle saturation of colour.  The 55-inch variant has a massive 60W speaker for music output. It has pretty decent audio hardware for music lovers. The sound experience on this model will be epitome and crystal clear. The sound hardware available in this variant is Dolby Digital Plus, DTS TruSurround certified audio, and Dolby MS12 technology. This variant will also sport four speakers.

On the connectivity part, the 55-inch model comes with more connectivity options. These options are 5.0 Bluetooth, 2 USB ports, 3 HDMI ports, along a voice-enabled remote. There are more options of connectivity available in the 55-inch variant and some of these connectivity options are missing in the lower three variants. The 55-inch variant has Android 10. This variant along with the other three lower variants is powered by an ARM Cortex A53 processor, it is a quad-core processor. The 55-inch variant has 2GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage like the 43-inch model. The price of the premium model of the Android smart TV of Blaupunkt is tagged at Rs.40,999. Here are the plus points of the new range of the Android smart TV launched by Blaupunkt-

Blaupunkt Smart TV Price

Looks: The new range of the Android TV launched by Blaupunkt looks very classy and lightweight. For the price, it is acceptable with the plastic outer body. However, it makes it extremely lightweight to be hanged below your television. The soundbar has a long wire so you can keep it at a distance from the soundbar and still enjoy the depth and bass. The TV launched by Blaupunkt has Great Picture quality, pictures look brighter.

Sound Output: The sound output is good considering the 2.1 as well as 5.1 (in the higher model) channel speakers inside the soundbar. The subwoofer is powerful and provides powerful thumping bass. The sound output is really loud. The sound quality of these TVs will be great because Blaupunkt is a prominent company that manufactures audio and sound devices. So, there is no denying the fact that the quality of sound in these TVs will be best.

Software: The software of these TVs is good and doesn’t lag. You will get all your favorite apps on the front interface. Premium android experience will be there.

Blaupunkt Smart TV Specifications

Remote: The remote is very handy and has modes to change between various inputs. It also has a bass and treble control to tune the sound out as per your taste. With the dedicated side-firing subwoofer, I prefer to keep the bass neutral with treble increased a little bit. Remote comes with voice search and air mouse to use same remote as a mouse.

Casting: For casting, you will get an app which is called E-share. This app will come pre-installed. It can be used to operate tv if your smartphone and tv are on the same Wi-Fi connection. The new range of smart TVs by Blaupunkt has native support for HDR10. It has native support for DOLBY VISION HDR and also HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) HDR and Technicolor HDR.

Blaupunkt is making its way to the Indian electronic market with its brand-new TV. The company has decided to launch a wide range of Android smart TVs, especially in India. The prior motive of the company Blaupunkt is to introduce a wide range of products under the slogan of “Made in India”. The newly launched smart TVs range is standardized under “Made in India”. Blaupunkt has collaborated with an electronic brand Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd to launch the product into the Indian market. Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd in short SSPL is an Indian electronic company that lends manufacturing support to MNCs.

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