Malayalam Actor Ramesh Valiyasala Found Dead At His Residence

Actors are usually sensitive people who have to touch and portray human emotions. Think of a musician who has to ‘feel’ the emotions to produce superlative music. Sometimes, the pain of reality becomes too overwhelming for them. Things like meaninglessness of the world, pain, and poverty, existential nihilism becomes too much to take. Death looks like an end to all pains and many artists begin to romanticize death, many fall into depression and question the meaning of it all. Suicides are not uncommon among creative personalities. People tend to commit suicide if they’re suffering from depression. That is to say, that’s the most common reason that someone will do that – not that everyone who’s ever been diagnosed with depression will commit suicide. It is so sad to know how mental health is taken up as a joke in India, calling out it as “firangi logo ke drama”.

When someone shows signs of depression, especially on social media, most people call it an excuse for attention. Indeed, the concept of depression is not understood by many… But still. When someone dies, all we can do is mourn and regret. Depression, just like a great many conditions, isn’t preventable by having a lot of money. Wealthy people can suffer from it, just as people with minimal income can. Money doesn’t provide “insulation” against depression. Suicide could happen in any field. But, in the cinema industry, it could happen due to work pressure or for personal reasons. When we have a small career, work is usually less. Once career growth starts, pay increases, work pressure increases. If we do not balance well, then many issues will be waiting to be solved.

Malayalam Actor Ramesh Valiyasala Found Dead At His Residence

Malayalam Actor Ramesh Valiyasala found Dead At His Residence. Apparently yes he was a well-known tv actor who had worked in popular sitcoms and played the antagonist and this chap was found dead in his apartment in Mumbai. This 54-year-old was found hanging just like Sushant Singh Rajput and this spate of suicides in the entertainment industry reflects the depths of mental disorders which has gripped society since depression is the number one malady among young people in India. Indeed, it may also be the case that people who are very driven in certain fields are more likely to become depressed. Imagine the actor who finds that he or she can’t quite land those big roles anymore or the singer who reads too many negative reviews of their most recent album. Suicides in the entertainment industry are increasing day by day.

Every day we get to know about some actor or actress who committed suicide. Now popular Malayalam TV actor has committed suicide. Ramesh Valiyasala was one of the prominent names in the Malayalam TV industry. The news of his suicide has jolted the whole Malayalam entertainment industry. Ramesh Valiyasala had done a lot of Malayalam Tv shows and he had also appeared in several Malayalam Movies. He was reckoned to be the most popular and versatile Malayalam actor. News of his death has bought the whole Malayalam entertainment industry in a deep sorrowful state. It’s difficult to give a comprehensive reading of each regional industry as no one can have such information. But in the nepotism debate, access to resources counts the most. Unlike other professions, where some sort of testing of talent takes place, cinema is more quid pro quo based.

Ramesh Valiyasala Found Dead At Residence

And it’s necessary to have some point of contact (doesn’t necessarily have to be a star parent) to even get an opportunity to meet people. If he is talented and the producer feels that he can become a potential brand then he gets in. But the question is what qualifies as talent in films? And no it’s not acting, the talent is to capture the attention of media and cultivate a following. And this process is omnipresent. Ramesh Valiyasala was found dead in his apartment on Saturday. The first impression revealed that the death of Ramesh Valiyasala is under mysterious conditions. The prominent Malayalam actor died at the age of 54. Ramesh Valiyasala was found hanging in his home. He lived near Thiruvananthapuram with his family.

The mysterious death of Ramesh Valiyasala has raised a lot of conspiracies and conundrums among fans as well as investigating agencies. Although police have referred to the death of actor Ramesh Valiyasala as suicide in initial inspections. The police department has registered the mysterious death of Ramesh Valiyasala under unnatural conditions.    More than recognition of talent, there is a necessity for opportunities to showcase talent (and reality shows are not them). Of course if one gains acceptance from the audience, one gets noticed by their peers but if no new contacts are made then there won’t be much progression in their career. A very well-known Bollywood actor who has worked in many movies and web series has taken a very crucial step of suicide at his residence and hung himself last year.

Actor Ramesh Valiyasala Found Dead At His Residence

Mental health is a serious issue and the taboo associated with it should end, every 40 seconds someone loses their life by committing suicide. It’s so sad that we lost someone so young in such a terrible manner. Lack of career growth: Career growth not happening after 2 to 3 years and down the road chances of acting in good roles also diminishes, thereby leading to an increase in pressure. This can ultimately lead to bouts of depression moments. They want roles that they expect and will not compromise on inferior roles. Overconfidence also plays an important role, however, one must remember how water flows, i.e. it flows from high to a low area, therefore one must remember that in life there are lows, but highs are not far off.

One side love or not true love – Not able to accept rejection. Not only in the movie industry love failures happen, but they happen in many places. One must practice accepting rejection and must know that it takes time to recover. Suicide cannot be and must not be the ultimate solution, rather one must talk about the problem with your friends and family and if possible, get professional psychological help.   Sometimes greedy family members are one of the reasons why they don’t find true love in their home and as well as outside their home. Family members use them for financial help making them ATMs. One must be careful and should not forget roots and not try to be like others and do maintenance on a high level. Ramesh Valiyasala’s uncertain death was also similar to something like that.

Ramesh Valiyasala

Forensic experts aren’t able to comprehend the exact cause of the death of Ramesh Valiyasala. It can be because of a financial or family issue. There can be hidden conspiracy behind the death of Ramesh Valiyasala and for the time being, it can be assured whether he had committed suicide or there are some other causes.    Ramesh Valiyasala returned to his house on Thursday after completing his shootings. He was working on the latest project. On Saturday he was found hanging in his room. Furthermore, Police has found out that Ramesh Valiyasala was facing a financial crisis owing to the coronavirus pandemic and he was struggling to make both ends meet in the recession-like situation. The covid-19 lockdown has nearly broken Ramesh Valiyasala and he was in a mental depression state.    Ramesh Valiyasala’s dead body was taken to the morgue for further inspection.

He was taken to the nearby medical hospital. Ramesh Valiyasala was sustaining his second wife and he had a son. Ramesh Valiyasala was found hanging by her wife in his bedroom. Ramesh Valiyasala’s wife found him hanging in his room around 6.30 am.    Ramesh Valiyasala was undoubtedly the most popular and busiest actor on Malayalam TV. He had also acted in several Malayalam movies. Ramesh Valiyasala entered the acting industry at a very early age, he gets into stage drama in his college days. Ramesh Valiyasala has been in the entertainment industry for the past twenty-two years. Ramesh Valiyasala has been referred to as one of the busiest Malayalam actors because of his tight schedule. Ramesh Valiyasala has last appeared in the Malayalam TV serial Pournamithingal. Ramesh Valiyasala made his way to the television industry when he was in college.

Ramesh Valiyasala Found Dead At His Residence

He was completing his degree at government Arts College when he first entered drama theatre. Dr. Jaanradhanan was the mentor of Ramesh Valiyasala.    Finance through an issue it’s not always the problem. We tend to forget that actors are not the larger-than-life persons of the movies. They bleed, feel emotions like the rest of us. Getting hurt, not being able to live up to expectations, or shattering one’s dream and many such reasons tends to drive people towards depression which sometimes drives them to such a point where killing oneself seems like an extremely lucrative idea than trying to cope up with the negative expectancy.

This is the result of the conflict between having high levels of ambitions, aspirations, and expectations versus the ground realities, where very few get the desired recognition and where do the rest go? Get lost in the crowd? Land on the wrong side of the law? End up doing petty jobs to survive? And for those who are successful even after achieving something, it is a fight every minute to be there, where the commercial life of an actor is too short and also Industry is always in search of new faces and talent. And everyone is ready to go to any extent to be different.

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